Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Locker

A classmate of mine in high school posted some pictures of our alma mater few days ago in Facebook. Boy, that brought back a lot of fun memories for me! It made me miss my high school friends, teachers, even the place itself. She visited our school recently and basically snapped photos of the classrooms, cafeteria, including the lockers. Those included the metal gym lockers which we seldom used, and also the wood lockers placed inside the classrooms.

I remember a friend of mine who kept her pair of sneakers inside the locker. Those sneakers were popular those days and kinda expensive. One day, when she was about to use it for our PE class, for some reason, she couldn't find it anymore. Later, we saw it being worn by one of our classmates, our class President. My friend herself, including the whole class were very sure it was hers. She complained about it and brought it to the attention of our principal. But, the principal took the side of our class President. Why? She just didn't believe her. She thought she was just making it all up. My poor friend. That time our President was vying for the Valedictorian spot, which she actually got.

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Stuff could always be worse said...

Doesn't time fly, high school a memory before you know it !!


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