Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daycare Closed

Daycare was closed yesterday. Kimberly called and told me that the kids in the daycare had been getting sick with fever. Her 3-year old son also has a fever. She decided to close her place, just for yesterday, as she's worried that baby Kaiden, whose immunity is not that strong yet to fight off diseases, might get sick as well. Given the situation, I would not take the risk of bringing my kids there, if in case she decided not to close the daycare. I appreciate her doing the right thing. So yesterday, I decided not to go to work, did some billing at home instead, and spent the whole day with my darling babies. My husband left for San Jose, CA for a game this weekend. Hopefully, we'd see him on TV. As always, we miss him even if he'd be coming home tomorrow.


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