Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Baby!

My Mom said I look like PONG PAGONG of Batibot because of my chubby cheeks...who's PONG PAGONG???


Cathy said...

He's adorable!!! So cute. Just to squeeze those sweet cheeks.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week too!

anneV said...

a very cute baby! never like pong pagong! the kid's too cute.sarap kurutin!

Mom of Four said...

Hi, I just came across your blog site, and I noticed your post about your baby..When my 14-year old was a baby, my family called him Pong Pagong, coz he was chubby too..

Your kids are adorable..Mine are my pride and glory. I am glad I have children, for I can't imagine my life without them..

Have a great week and take care of them babies...

Shimumsy said...

look at that smile. so cute! thanks for the visit mommy.

DanaDebbie said...

LOL, I still remember Pong Pagong!

Anyway, baby Kaiden is looking more and more like his kuya Noah. They are both absolutely handsome and adorable!!!



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