Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holiday Vacation

Everything is set for our trip to Arizona this Thanksgiving holiday. We used to go up to Washington State to visit my in-laws who live in Orcas Island. Due to the cold weather, they decided to stay in Arizona for a few months until the cold spell in the island goes away. Hubby has already purchased the tickets for the trip. We originally planned to do a road trip or drive from here to Arizona, but he couldn't resist the cheap tickets he found online. For the Christmas week though, we have decided to go to Disney World in Florida. Oh, I'm excited about this trip!

After that, we might go to one of the Myrtle Beach Hotels and take advantage of their Very Merry Holiday Package. They are offering very low rates during the winter season for their Myrtle Beach Accommodations. I'm sure the shows are going to be spectacular. The kids will definitely love the Christmas lights beaming all around the place. I have to make sure though that we got the Myrtle Beach Accommodation all done early so we could avail of their holiday specials. Or, better yet, I could join their contest called Manager's Specials which would allow us to win a 4 night stay in a 2 bedroom combo. Cool! :)


DebbieDana said...

WOW! You and your family will be so busy this coming holidays, and I could feel your excitement already. Please take tons of photos to share with us!

Musta na Mommy Sheila? Papalamig na ba jan? Hhhhmmmm, time to wear our winter clothes again. Are the beautiful boys doing fine? I'm sure excited na rin sila for your upcoming trip especially the trip to Disney World, yehey!!!

Hope everything is well with you and your family... Ingat lagi... Hugs and kisses to handsome Noah and Kaiden. :)


Cherie said...

sweet mommy, esciteing ang holidays ninyo, ah! you all take care! bundle up!

Odessa said...

Sounds amazing! Can't wait for the holidays too. =)

teJan said...

hi thanks likewise dear:) you are indeed a blessed woman:) goodluck to your trips:)

have a blessed day as always.

followed here also so i can be arround as always!

Andrea said...

Bless you, dear friend, for your blog, your love for the Lord, and your love for your precious family.

It's nice to "meet" you and sense your positive attitude and joyful heart.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and yours in His care.



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