Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who's Looking For You?

I've got classmates and teachers in highschool that I'm curious to know how and where they are right now. I was able to locate most of them and even got a chance to catch up with each other's activities, etc. It was fun to hear from them. There's one teacher in highschool that I wanted to get in touch with again somehow. She was my computer teacher, and my favorite! I guess I can mention I was her favorite, too. :) I remember her giving me inspirational notes, cards every after class. I wasn't the top in her class nor a struggling student. I don't know why she was so nice to me. All I can say is she was the kindest and sweetest teacher I've ever had. I can say that she's the reason why I got so interested in computers. Definitely, she was an inspiration.

There is a popular site called MyLife where you could search for people online. It could be a classmate, teacher, a former boyfriend or girlfriend, and even a future partner. It's also a tool where you can find out who's searching for you. Neat, huh? That sounds very interesting for me. You might be curious who's been stalking on you, or just plain looking for you. Give Mylife a try!



Salitype said...

that's one good way of finding long lost friends!..must be exciting to get in touch with them after all these years!

TroubleX2 said...

I checked out that site once. Don't you have to pay to use it? Anyway...I'm a Facebook gal, and I've reconnected with a lot of my highschool friends there.


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