Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Long Lost Friend

I remember when I was a kid I had three childhood friends who were a little bit older than me. Our houses were just near each other as we were neighbors apparently. Each morning soon after eating breakfast, we would head out to a friend's house and play, watch movies, chat, daydream, until our Moms would call us for lunch or dinner. We never got tired of each other. We truly enjoyed each other's company. Oh, I miss those childhood years! One day, our friend broke the sad news. She had to leave with her family and reside in a place very far from ours. The three of us who were left behind couldn't help but cry. Obviously, we didn't want her to go. One day, she came back and invited us to spend a week in her new big home. Oh, we had so much fun! After that, we never heard from her again even up to now. She's one of the few people I wanted to get in touch with after so many years of no communication.

MyLife is a popular search engine that can let you search your loved ones. It could be a family member, a long lost friend, or anybody you're interested in. Joining is free unless you wanted a premium access that would let you know more about the person you're looking for. Search results are unlimited. What's amazing is it includes photos. That feature would give you an idea of what your friend or any loved one looks at present. If you upgrade, you would also be informed of the names of people who were looking for you. So, do you have a long lost loved one that you've been wanting to reconnect or get in touch with? Search through MyLife now.


1 comment:

Salitype said...

that sounds like a good start to look around for long lost friends and relatives!

hope you get to see your friend again! such lovely memories of childhood!

have a lovely day!


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