Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Losing Weight

When I was pregnant,I gained almost 30 lbs. Well, that's expected for during those months, I literally devoured on ice cream, and not to mention, Oreos. hmmm yum yum! They were just so irresistible! My diet had become completely out of control. When I gave birth, I lost some weight and I'm planning to lose some more through diet and exercise. I have been going to the gym, and right now I'm wanting to join a jazzercise class, which seems exciting. There are variety of ways to lose pounds and get the weight you want. There is a diet pill, an appetite suppressant called Phentermine. It is a type of drug that suppresses hunger, and is mostly prescribed for obese patients. It is preferable that you take Phentermine before 3 PM to avoid the risk of insomnia. For side effects, this drug can cause increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, dry mouth, minor bowel problems like diarrhea and constipation, restlessness and insomnia. According to FDA, Phentermine is safe to use and is well tolerated. ConsumerPriceWatch.net enumerated 3 of the best diet pills around namely OROVO, Nuphedragen, and Noxycut. To effectively reduce weight, it is still best to accompany any diet pill with proper diet and exercise. Nothing beats eating the right kind of food, working out and sweating it out to get the curves and the body you want.

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Namų Darkytoja said...

I'm still amazed, that such a big industry is made out of weight loss - yeah, it is a problem, but it has one, clear and effective solution - eat less, move more. That's it!
And that diet pill hustle is the biggest scam in all this business, just playing on hopes and feelings of overweight people, and making money simply out of air...
What is the most sad, that majority of people still believe, that some 'magic' pills, that will help to shed weight only by taking them, really exist - http://www.votetheday.com/polls/effective-diet-pills-221/
Wake up people!


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