Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Hubby's Hobby -

That surely rhymes! hehe :) On football nights, my hubby also plays Fantasy Football, an online game, while watching the sport on TV. He named his team N-KC'S NorthStars which is an acronym of our names. Our babies, Noah and Kaiden are the "coach" and the "assistant coach", respectively. :) Anyway, he won the first game against Samurai Souls and here's his "report" to the league. It was humorous :)

"NorthStar Boys Celebrate First Victory As Coaches Together"

The baby bottles and sippy cups showered the locker room with milk and juice as the Northstars celebrated their first win. Both coaches were speechless as the addressed the team post game. Of course, neither of them can talk yet anyway. The GAME COOKIE went to Rivers for his performance. Through an interpreter Head Coach Noah North told reporters."I napped through the first half of the game But watched the ending. It was awesome". He added. "I think my little brother and Assistant coach Kaiden crapped his diapers in excitement. We are very happy"

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