Thursday, September 25, 2008

Noah's Struggle

My little Noah has been experiencing asthma attacks... again for the past few days til now. Due to change in season I guess. He hasn't really been sleeping well at night due to constant barking and wheezing. He has been taking Albuterol, 4x a day and Qvar 40, once a day to control his asthma. He also has a stuffy nose, and for that the doctor prescribed him Aller-Dur which does help with the congestion. Oh, my poor baby. Hope you outgrow your asthma and not suffer anymore like this. Just heartbreaking.


DebbieDana said...

Oh....Poor Noah...My heart goes to him... My little Daniel never had cough, just stuffy nose sometimes, but it already made my heart cry, so what more about having asthma...I know it is so hard...
But I think he'll get over it while growing up... Hope he gets well soon!

desperateblogger said...

two of my kids developed asthma. it was so hard for them and me. my son outgrew it but my daughter is still asthmatic.


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