Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Perfect For Your House

Middle of next year, we are planning to move to our new home which we call our "dream house". My husband and I wanted to get a bigger house since our family is growing. We wanted to have a pool for the kids to swim and play, and for my husband and I to relax, read a good book by the poolside. We are planning to get new furniture, a ceiling fan that accentuates the living room. I have been browsing the internet to find one that suits our taste. Until I came across this site called Farrey's.

Farrey's has been known for excellent service and for having unique, beautiful ceiling fans from 15 manufacturers. What I like about their site is its helpful tool called the ceiling fan search. You can search by style, brand, type, finish and price whichever fits your taste and budget.

If you're looking for a ceiling fan that's elegant-looking, with a classic twist, casablanca fans are for you. If you're practical like me and want to save as much as possible, they also have what they call the craftmade fans which are energy efficient. Other brands include ellington fans, hunter fans to name a few. There's just a lot of lovely fans to choose from. For my kids' room, I think I'm going to get the Baseball Fan. They're going to love it for sure.

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