Monday, March 3, 2008

8 Random Things About My Kid

This is the first tag I have ever done since I am new to the blogging world. :) Thank you, Lalaine, for thinking of me and for letting me participate in this activity. :)


1. When Noah was 8 mos old, he made a big mess in his crib. For some reason, he was able to remove his diaper and poop was all over, the blankets, etc., including his arms and legs. He was smiling and jumping up and down, looking like a naughty boy. :)
2. Noah would laugh so hard whenever I say, "stinky feet", booger burger" or when I do a fake cough.
3. Noah had his first haircut when he was only 9 mos old. Second haircut was 2 weeks ago by Daddy. I had to stop Daddy from cutting his bangs further because he's getting to look like Mo of the Three Stooges. :)
4. He started walking at 10 and a half months.
5. Noah says "idget" for Bridget our dog, "ink" for drink, "nik" for snake.
6. Noah loves watching Baby Einstein videos especially the Baby Mozart. He stops crying as soon as the show starts. Actually, he knows how to insert the tape and operate the player by himself.
7. Noah growls whenever we say "lion". He points up when we say "light". He points to the balloon whenever we ask him to look for it. He looks at the direction of the "cow" whenever I ask him where the cow is.
8. Noah makes a "milk" sign whenever he wants to drink his milk and eventually sleep. Sometimes, he makes that sign too when he wants Cheerios. :)

Laughing Baby Noah-8 mos. old


Mommy Ruby said...

hi! thanks for visit my blog and for doing this tag. i bet you enjoyed doing it just like me and lalaine.

take are now!

Pinay Mommy

Lalaine said...

wow! noah is such a cutee!! I think he's one smart kiddo too!

Thanks for doing the tag shiela..enjoyed reading about your cutee!

Have a blessed day!!

TroubleX2 said...

Awwwww....I love your site. Helps me remember the good ole days when my kiddoes were babies. Savor every moment. It goes by so fast you just won't believe it!

Simon Dale said...

I had a great time reading around your posts as I read it extensively. Thanks for writing about this!

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