Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Wrestling Career

Noah says,

I wanna be a wrestler someday!I have been workin' on my biceps as early as 3 mos. old. Look at the colorful dumbbell Dad got me.
See my big muscles?! grrrrrrrr....
heheheehe...just kiddin'! I'm just showin' off. Mommy won't allow me that's for sure. :)


This was his dream when he was only 3-4 mos. old. Because of Mommy's desperate plea to discard that dream, when he turned 9 mos, he changed his dream to becoming a musician instead. ;)


Sameer said...

wow, baby is cute and nice idea to upload on youtube. happy blogging

shimumsy said...

he is so cute!. enjoy bonding time with your cutie pie.

have a nice weekend.


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