Monday, March 24, 2008

Hair Evolution

Noah with a thick hair when he was bornHis hair starting to fall out when he was was a month or 2. Baldy baby :) beginning to grow back
...having little bit of bangs
His hair gets curly often times especially after waking up. Sometimes, it would look like a tornado just passed by over his head. :)

His longest bangs so far. His Daddy had to cut it short.
This is his hair at present after Daddy cut his hair. Somewhat crooked at front, and curly on the sides. :)


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy...

Had to come back here. Preggy ka pala??? Wow....another bundle of joy coming soon. How soon????

I get really excited when I learn of a baby coming soon...


Prily said...

Wow,i love this entry!Soo cute!you're very good in capturing his hairstyles!well-done!Hugs to Noah from my kids and me!Take care of your pregnancy,my friend.Do you know what will you having?But of course it doesn't matter--a boy or a girl?Although it is nice to know!hehehe!

Rissa said...

such a cutiepie sis. can't believe he was losing his hair. my boys always start with only a few hair then it grows pag medyo malaki na cla. thanks for sharing these pics. i'm sure ur 2nd baby is just as adorable as Noah.

♥ Babydoll ♥ said...

He is such a cutie baby!!!

Jojo said...

Hahahah. Cute talaga. Ang sa akin naman may maraming hair but very fine at light colored kaya parang walang hair din.

So I see that you are preggy from the other comments...Congrats dear.

Lalaine said...

hahaha!so cute to see the evolution of Noah's hair! :)You're blessed with a cute baby!

btw, we have some friends doing ministry in Khao Lak too..they used to be involved with EE..but I'm not sure if they're still there.

Ive got a tag for you din pala:)

God bless!

dyosa said...

i like his hair on the 2nd to the last photo. so adorable! :-)

Lily said...

Hi Shiela,

First I would to say thanks for visiting my blog all the time,I appreciate it a lot.aand wow! Congrat's pala for the second pregnancy, thats really great news.atleast may kapatid na Baby Boy mo soon.
he's such a cutie little Boy of yours. have a blessed tuesday! take care always.

Shiela said...

hi sheila.

your son is so adorable!!!

you know i used to be bald until i was 4 years old. imagine a girl with no hair wearing a dress? hehehe.

take care all the time.

LaneL said...

i'm still new here,but ur topic sounds so creative.i luv it.:) u have a very adorable baby bytheway!


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