Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 5 Facts About Food- yummmm! :)

Thanks, Aisha, for this mouth-watering and tummy grumbling tag. :)

My 5 facts about food:

1. For the record, I have been eating chicken adobo for a week now. The first 3 days, I had adobo wings. Then days after that, I had been gobbling up on adobo drumsticks, thighs and breasts. Well, can't blame me. I'm pregnant. :) My baby Kaiden would probably be born with wings, and clucking, instead of crying. :)

2. At the office, there's a man who brings books over and leave them for employees to look at and buy, if they choose to. Whenever I see an interesting recipe book, most likely, I would buy it even if it would just sit on our kitchen counter. I think I have only tried a recipe or 2 from all the books I've bought.

3. I love my mom's pinakbet! I like it either with shrimp paste or fish bagoong.

4. My favorite breakfast is tapsilog, or daing, tuyo, danggit with garlic rice, salty egg and spicy vinegar. mmmmm...yum yum! :)

5. If anyone could give me a tried and tested, easy recipe for brazo de mercedes, I would truly appreciate it! Oh my! It's been a long time since I had one. I have been craving for it like crazy. Aside from that, I have also been desperately yearning for chocolate roll from Goldilocks. I, particularly, love both ends of the roll because they are lavishly covered with chocolate icing! There's just nothing like it! mmmmm..yummy!

Photo courtesy of "My Little Space"


priscocam said...

Hi Shie,i was like u when i was pregnant---just eat anything!hehehe!no wonder i gained 25 kilos!i didn't mind though.I also love goldilocks and i know i'll be missing it once i'll join my husband in UK.And the choco roll from goldilocks?Maybe for the meantime,u try a different one that u can find there!goodluck to ur pregnany,my friend!

happymommy said...

hi prily! tnx for the comment! oo nga eh, actually ang takaw takaw ko ngayn heeheh...miss ko talga goldilocks esp their cakes and palabok :) haaaay...nyway, i just need to settle for whatever i have here :) tc! i wish u all the best in UK! :)

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Lalaine said...

the brazo de mercedez look so yum! haaayyy..miss ko na tuloy ang Goldilocks..huhuhu!


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