Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blurry Vision

As I get older, my vision seems to get blurry. I'm currently wearing a pair of eyeglasses. I don't wear it at all times, but only when I drive and do shopping. I'm nearsighted. Driving without glasses is uncomfortable for me. It is difficult for me to see street signs, numbers, even the traffic sign at afar. It's impossible for me to drive especially if I need to find a store or house without my glasses on. I can't read the numbers and I almost get into accidents. At night time, when it's obviously dark, I can get lost. And I can't risk that having children with me inside the car. This season, Zenni Optical offers Holiday frames which can go as low as $8.00. Yes, you read that right. They are classy, stylish, comfortable frames at affordable prices. This frame only costs $15.95. Colors range from translucent to dark green frame front. The temples have cute snowmen and evergreens that parade from front to back. I like it. I'm thinking of getting this one. Its low price doesn't mean quality is sacrificed. They are, in fact, high quality glasses that have complete UV protection, anti-scratch coating, full guarantee, etc. Its affordability is due to the reason that there are sold directly from their factories, with no middlemen involved. Look no farther. Get your glasses at Zenni Optical now.

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