Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Valuable Credit Tool

Who would want to pay a high interest credit card when you can find a zero interest credit card? Every now and then, we would receive mailings from banks convincing us to try their low or no interest credit card, or a balance transfer with no fee. My husband does keep an eye on them, and is wise about it. He compares credit cards carefully. What he would do is transfer all of our balance, or depending how much is allowed, from our high interest card to the 0% interest credit card with a long introductory period. If there is a remaining balance, we pay it in full. That way, we get to save a good amount money from the exorbitant rate. does help with one's decision making when it comes to getting a credit card. Don't know what credit card is right for you? Check their site. Credit cards are compared by category such as Low Interest Credit Cards, Balance Transfer Cards, Instant Approval Cards, etc. If you are concerned by the credit quality, they also give you that information from Excellent to Bad or No Credit. All of the information you need are in They do all the research for you. In my opinion, it is a valuable tool that you might want to bookmark or add to your favorites. Just like we did.

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