Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Island Vacation

From Anacortes, we took the ferry ride going to the Orcas Island where my husband was raised and spent his youngster years. Him and his friends call themselves as the Island Boys. It is said to be the largest among the San Juan Islands. The islands are located between the coast of Washington State and Vancouver, Canada. Oh gee, you wouldn't want to know what the weather was like. It was chilly!

This is the harbor showing my father-in-law's boat which he built himself. This is also the view from their bedroom where we slept. Spectacular view! We could actually see ducks, seagulls, seals, otters climbing on top of the rocks while we are lying on bed.

Orcas Island
taken from my in-laws bedroom

They weren't there when we arrived. That time, they had an appointment with the chiropractor. Noah was in heaven as he was welcomed by trays of cookies of different shapes, sizes and flavors. My wonderful stepmom-in-law cooks and bakes so well that seems like we gain weight every time we visit them. Well, it's a vacation, and we love her food! :) I love the Strawberry Bavarian that she made! Can't remember how many heaps of ice cream I ate because it was so yum! yum! :) They were delighted to see the kids even with Noah being all over the place, messing around. Noah addresses them as Nampa ( grandpa) and Namma ( grandma). When one of them loses his sight, he'd always say, " Nampa (or Namma), where are you?", with a cute up and down tone. :)

Noah and Kaiden with their "Nampa" and "Namma"

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DebbieDana said...

Dana, Daniel and I are looking at the photos and we just say, the boys are soooooooooooooooo handsome!

Gush, little baby Kaiden is not little anymore! He's already a big boy! He's looking more and more like his kuya! You are sooooooooo blessed to have them! Hugs to them please!



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