Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Swallowed a Watermelon!

Just kiddin', guys! :) I'm on my 30th week of pregnancy and oh, how I feel heavy! :) So far, I have gained 24 lbs since the day I got pregnant. I'm actually heavier this time with my second one. They say it's usually the case. I have been feeling some backaches lately, not only because my tummy is getting bigger, but also because I carry Noah every now and then. Lately, baby Kaiden's kicks and movements have been prominent. It seems he's moving around in circles like doing an acrobat! Sometimes, when I place my hand on what it feels like his head, he would slowly swim towards to the other side like he's playing, or just doesn't want to be disturbed. He is so active especially at night, and after eating lunch or dinner. Can't wait! Approximately 10 more weeks, and we would finally see our baby Kaiden! :)


shimumsy said...

girl, you are almost there. like this pix. just wonder how it gets stretch that much.
goodluck dear.

Dana said...

beautiful tummy,wow! 10 weeks is near sheila, very soon you'll see your baby!

Dana said...

beautiful tummy,wow! 10 weeks is near sheila, very soon you'll see your baby! i can feel how excited you are.

TroubleX2 said...

You are so Preggers!!! Cute tum tum :) I can't wait to see pics of the new little one. Have you seen the pic of my Caden on my photo blog? He's a handsome guy! That's the address, and it's under my post my gift from God. If you like the pic, send me one of your lil guy and I'll photoshop one for you and send it back. A baby gift for you!

Maya said...

i'm looking forward to see another beautiful baby born.

thanks for adding me,Sheila. i'm adding you now.
Enjoy being preggy... i miss the feeling so much, but seeing someone compensate the wanting.

Rissa said...

naku, ang sexy mo pa rin sis at wala pang stretch marks. galing!


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