Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Red Roses and White Azaleas

Couple of years ago, my husband and I planted several red rose plants on our front yard. Start of spring time, they would start to bloom and they would look so pretty! However, there's a part in our yard that seemed to look bare. Initially, we thought of getting 3 more red roses, but my husband, who knows more about plants and gardening than I do, decided to get the white azaleas instead. It's a type of shrub that could grow thick, and which flowers can actually cover its leaves that you can hardly see them. Although they haven't bloomed yet, I can see how the contrasting bold colors of red and white would make a lovely show on our front yard.


Sweet Pea 48 said...

I love your roses and I especially like azaleas. They don't do that well where I live so I don't have any but I wish I did. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will add your link as well!

Dana said...

Yeah, its spring time again! Hubby started planting azaleas and hostas 3 weeks ago and they're beautiful! Also, hubby planted some onions, raddish, green beans,and carrots in our garden! :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Cool...thanks for sharing. I am hoping to plant some once we're moved. I can't wait. The soil where we are right now only accepts weeds...no more no less....

I hope to see some pics in your future posts....

btw, I tagged you...just do it if you feel like doing it.

Link is:


Salamat sa dalaw palagi...enjoy your weekend.

SHBRM...I forgot na my initials....hahaha..

Prily said...

it will be beautiful, am sure and colorful! have a great week,my friend!


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