Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My New Wheels! :)

Last Sunday, we went to CARMAX to check out the SUV's we found online. For the past few days, we had been scouting for a bigger vehicle since our family is growing. Besides, my old car needed to be replaced anyway since we had been experiencing problems with it such as oil leakage, etc. So we went there and we had to choose between HONDA CRV and the SUZUKI XL-7 LIMITED. At first, I told my husband that I liked the CRV better. However, when we went there we found out that it has a manual transmission rather than automatic contrary to what their ad online stated. I don't mind driving a manual since I'm used to driving one when I was still in the Philippines. But it's definitely much easier to drive an automatic than a manual. In other words, we ended up buying the Suzuki XL-7 Limited Edition. It's not a brand new car but a used one. We got it at a very reasonable price, and surely was within our budget. I believe we got a great deal on it. It is a 4 Wheel Drive that would somehow make it safer for me drive in snowy conditions. It has a sunroof, which is more like an added bonus rather than a necessity. I like it though. I've been driving it to work and I must say that it's awesome! :)

By the way, my husband said that it's my anniversary gift. mmmm...not bad hehe jk :) Thanks, hunny! mwaah! :)


Lalaine said...

Hi there sheila! Wow! you've got cool wheels! :)Congrats and happy anniversary to you and your hubby!

By the way, here is the email address of my friend in Khao Lak her name is Naomi, she's also a Filipina. You can communicate with her to find out if it's possible connecting with them in the ministry.. this is her email .. naomi_empeno at yahoo dot com

Takecare and GOd bless!!

Dana said...

Wow Sheila,that's great! But you have to be extra careful now, drive safely!

shimumsy said...

congratulations and good luck on your new truck. enjoy driving.

TroubleX2 said...

Congrats on the new SUV!

4-wheel drives are the greatest. I've got a Lexus SUV, and I love it!

Have fun :)

Prily said...

wow!congrats with your new wheels!am sure you'll love it.and yes,i believe you do need a bigger vehicle since your family is growing.enjoy,enjoy!
and your husband? he spoils you and that's a good thing!you're sooo lucky!


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