Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noah and His Toy Box

My son, Noah, frolicsome as ever, just loves playing with boxes. Most of the time he would try to get inside his toy box and fit in it. Sometimes, what he would do first, is empty out all his toys by either taking them out one by one, or just turn the box upside down, dropping all his toys on the floor. Or, even with still toys inside, he would just step in and squirm himself in it. I would usually push the box, make a "vroom" "vroom" sound and pretend it's a car. He laughs! You can see that he really enjoys this kind of game. It's like an adventure for him. :)


TroubleX2 said...

Isn't it funny how kids get the most joy out of things that aren't even really toys? My kids had more fun playing with boxes, pans, and odds and ends around the house than they ever did with the newest addition from Toys R Us!

Dana said...

Kids are kids, so they love toys! Noah's getting alot bigger... :) And getting more handsome ofcourse!

Maya said...

He is a treasure & surely the second would be equal to his eldest brother.
You have a beautiful child,enjoy every moment, they grow so fast.


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