Friday, April 11, 2008

Noah Being Silly

Noah had been bugging his Dad this afternoon while he was reading something from the computer. For the past few days, Noah had learned to climb up and down the couch and sneak under the tables and chairs. Last Thursday, as I was talking to my Mom over the phone, he found his way under the sofa, crawled all the way to the corner, stayed there while smiling so cheerfully at me. Definitely not easy for a preggy Mom like me to crawl on my belly to get him. I had to lift it up and move the couch so I could get hold of him. He thought we were just playing. So he just kept on laughing as if it was funny. Silly boy! :)


Prily said...

Yup.your boy is getting so active,my dear.Please take it easy. I don't think you are allowed to lift him as he is heavy.
By the way,i am already here in Scotland and is acclimatizing.Am so tired with the trip really.I still hadn't unpack yet.hehehe.
Goodluck to your pregnancy again.God bless you and your family.

Joy said...

Its good that you have a healthy active boy.... hats what they do,, getting through all the things,, climbing and touching everything... just look after him.... what a cute boy...

Hoping that you are feeling well,,, have a nice weekend,,, enjoy your day


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