Friday, April 25, 2008

On Dogwood Tree

On my way home from work, I dropped by Suburban Lawn & Garden to look for a beautiful flowering tree such as the Dogwood Tree. I already have an idea what it looks like because at the hospital where I work, they have more or less 3 Dogwood trees that I pass by every day. During this time of the year, the pretty white blossoms would appear, and as soon as fall begins, leaves turn to beautiful scarlet or red-purple color. And then on winter, it produces radiant red berries which attract different species of songbirds. Its full white flowers would fall on the ground looking like a bed of snow. Oh, they're so delightful to look at! I just hope our sweet yet "destructive" dogs :), won't try to tear apart the tree's bark and kill it eventually. That's what they did to 2 of our trees at our backyard. Aren't they just so lovable? :) Surely, my husband would put a protective wire around it to prevent that from happening again. Anyway, we want a 6-7 ft tall tree, and honestly, the price is not that cheap. Good thing, the store has a special 20% discount on trees. That would definitely save us some bucks. :) My husband is going to buy and pick it up this Sunday before heading home from a trip to Toronto. Can't wait! :)


♥ CC ♥ said...

I really like the dogwood trees, they are pretty..

Dana said...

Good choice Sheila! Dogwood trees are really lovely...

Btw, we used to have dogs before but they destroyed our plants, they were more destructive than being "fun" to us, so we decided to give them back to where we got them, hehe!
Now, no worries for our plants, yehey!

I agree, we are lucky to have husbands who has the passion for gardening and yardwork... :)

shimumsy said...

i love those trees. sana ganyan lang sila forever with flowers.

Admin said...

hello thanks for the message I appreciate so much.


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