Saturday, May 24, 2008

Close to my Husband's Heart

Children are close to my husband's heart. Last month, my husband gave a 30-minute presentation about the world of soccer at Blackbob Elementary School. Our daycare provider's daughter, Sydney, had a career day and she invited him to be the speaker. My husband didn't hesitate about accepting the invitation as he dearly loves kids. In fact, when the tsunami happened in Thailand in December 2004, he went over there to help the poor, unfortunate children who got affected by the tragedy. Until now, he would send some stuff such as basketballs, soccer balls, etc. to a school in Khoa Lak, Thailand. He is planning to go over there at the end of this year to visit them and ask what else he could do to help them with their present situation. My husband's loving-kindness and compassion for children is what endeared me to him. Because I know, from what I have witnessed, that he would shower our children with much profound love and affection the same way.

My hubby at Blackbob Elementary School

with the kids in Thailand in 2004

children delighted to receive the boxes my hubby sent last year


♥Shabem-®♥ said...

I will add you in a bit. Thanks for dropping by!
Have a great weekend!

tkwi said...

you must be proud and blessed to be his wife... neat photos.

Dana-Debbie said...

You have a very kind hearted husband Sheila, like my..... asawa too! hehe... smile :)


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