Saturday, May 3, 2008

On Being a WAHM Soon!

Come June 1st, I'd be starting my maternity leave. I'm scheduled for C-section on the 16th of the said month, a week earlier than my due date. That would mean staying home, taking care of my dear son and loving husband, and also looking after our 2 crazy dogs and cat. It would give me time to rest (hmmm...not really so sure about this :), nurture the little baby inside me and prepare for his imminent birth. We are just so excited! :) After I give birth, I'd be compelled to stay home since daycare is costly especially with 2 kids. Meanwhile, eventhough I'd still be doing some part-time work at home doing billing stuff for the office I work for, I also would like to try making money from blogging. Because, honestly, having 2 children means more milk, diapers, baby food, clothes, etc. So, I thought, why not join the numerous bloggers out there who are having fun writing and getting paid at the same time? hmmm...sounds good to me! This sparked the idea of applying for PayPerPost. And, I'm just so glad that I got approved! I am hoping that this venture would help us along the way. It may or may not be big, but at least, there's some "moolah" for Noah and Kaiden's milk, and toys. :)


Dana said...

WOW, good to hear that Sheila! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to PPP!

Crissy said...

Congratulations for 2 reasons: another blessing of life this June and your PPP approval. Take care always.


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