Friday, May 30, 2008

Petition to Remove Conditions

Sounds clicheish, but time really does fly so fast! Can't believe that 2 years had already gone by. And to add to that, within 2 years I've been here, I already have one child, and another one coming up. Definitely, my husband and I are not in a rush, as far as having children is concerned. hehehe jk :) Anyway, for the past few days, I had been busy preparing all the documents needed for the removal of conditions on my residence here in the US. My green card is due to expire in August 24th of this year, and I have to file for renewal within 90 days before it expires. Not earlier than the 90-day window as they may send the application back. That said, here are the documents I gathered and sent through priority mail last Tuesday.

1. Permanent Resident Card- front and back copy

2. Form I-751 with a total check $545 = Filing fee ($465) plus Biometric Fee ($80)

3. Evidence of Relationship

a. Birth Certificate of our son, Noah, who was born to our marriage

b. Mortgage Contract/Title showing joint ownership

c. Recent Bank Statements

d. Copy of check showing both our names

e. Joint Tax Returns

f. Life Insurance policies of all of us including Noah

g. Car Title and Insurance showing joint ownership

h. Copy of our health insurance cards

i. Copy of our driver's license showing same address

j. Pictures of us both, our son, Noah, and with relatives and friends

k. Copies of cards, mail addressed to both of us

I guess I got everything covered. I am hoping for a fast, and hassle-free processing on this one. Cross my fingers. :) For more information on Green Card renewal, you can visit USCIS.


Pinay WAHM said...

It's true...time really flies especially if you're having fun.

I can't help but smile when you said that you and your husband are not in hurry. hubby took our sweet time in getting married so I can relate...let's just say that exactly a year after we "met", our little one was born...

Congrats on the GC renewal....

123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says...

At least you can do it by mail and US is still best in processing.. Here in Italy is more difficult, personal appearance is needed when reneewing or applying for for the permit to stay/permesso di soggiorno.. plus the fact that even you have the appointment, the officials don't respect that appointment... just pathetic.. well, needs padrino to hasten things up.. Buti nalang i have one..

ABC Bloglearner

Dana-Debbie said...

Goodluck and congrats on your GC renewal. Seems like you've submitted everything already.... Hopefully, you'll have your 10 yr GC without interview. :)


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