Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tornado Warning!

Last Thursday night, while my husband and I were watching TV, we heard the siren for a tornado warning in our area. As soon as we heard it, my hubby asked me to immediately get Noah from his crib, and go straight to our basement. Oh, boy that was scary! Then, the weather channel reported that the tornado warning had already been lifted. Thank, God! So, we went back upstairs and continued to watch our show. After just a few minutes, the siren went on again. As far as I can remember, I think I heard the siren go 5 times at different intervals. Without hesitation, we ran to the basement again and waited. I'm thankful that a tornado didn't hit us. hooo! Unfortunately, the place where Noah's daycare is, they experienced what they call "microburst". It generates a very, very high wind that could cause wide-spread damage. In fact, on my way there, I saw some big trees that had fallen down. They also had hail which was the size of a baseball! You see, the daycare is only 9 minutes from our place. It could have happened to us, too. We had thunderstorm, but thank God, it didn't elevate to a tornado, or to something destructive. For those who got affected, I pray that they get the help they need, and recover soon from the disaster.


shimumsy said...

that's is scary huh! i guess all houses there should have basements. take care always.

Symphony of Love said...

I am glad that it had passed and hoped that it had not created a lot of troubles for those affected. I was surfing the net yesterday when I read about the tropical cyclone that attacked Myanmar and causing death toll that could reach more than 10,000. I pray that they will be alright.


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