Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Doctor's Appointment

I had an appointment last Monday with my ob-gynecologist. So far, everything looked fine. Remarkably, I did not gain weight for 2 weeks. Starting next week though, I would need to have my NST's or non-stress test done twice a week until June 12. I underwent the same thing when I was pregnant with Noah, although I started sooner with him. The reason why I'm doing NST's is because I'm high risk due to my multiple uterine fibroids. What they normally do during NST's is that they strap your abdomen with 2 belts- one to measure the baby's heart rate, and the other one to measure your contractions. Because of this test, we were able to know that Noah was having bradycardia, or slowing of the heart rate- reason why he had to be delivered 3 weeks early. Friday before I give birth is the day when I would have my pre-anesthesia appointment. This is in preparation for my c-section delivery on Monday, the following week. 27 days more and the waiting will be over. Baby Kaiden will soon be in my loving arms. Lovely! :)


Symphony of Love said...

Hi Sheila, glad to hear that everything is fine so far. Looking forward to see picture of baby Kaiden : )

Prily said...

Hi Shiela, stay as cheerful a you are! Everything will be fine. We are here looking forward to welcome Baby Kaiden in the Blogosphere! Take care!

Dana-Debbie said...

WOW! Just 27 days......we can't wait for baby Kaiden. He'll be as cute and adorable as his big brother Noah for sure!!!

Thanks for updating us, we'll always stay tuned...

Take extra care!

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