Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Kaiden's 1st Smile

Baby Kaiden was only 3 days old when he showed his 1st ever smile. We were still in the hospital then. Seeing him smile the very first time was truly a precious thing to behold! :)


Jean9 said...

A big congrats! He is very sweet, thank you for sharing his video.

TroubleX2 said...

Babies....tears and joy all on the same day. Enjoy, little mother :)

Mommy Ruby said...

hello there! it's me pinaymommy. thanks for visiting my new blog. i am happy that you have safely given birth.

thanks for sharing this wonderful video. he looks adorable!!

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Dana & Debbie said...

That was a very precious smile. Baby Noah is really sooooooooo cute. His features, look, soooooo gorgeous! I watched the video several times, loved it!

Dana & Debbie said...

Oh my, oh my........i'm sorry, I should have said baby

But ofcourse, Noah is also soooooooooooo cute..

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for telling me your good news on my blog.
He, your lovely is so cute. with you love and care. he will be blessed.
I, coolingstar9 has two gift for you.
Biggest heart award and friendship award, please it from my blog.
Have a wonderful journey.

desperateblogger said...

ay ka pogi! congrats on your new baby boy! i'm glad you're both well.

Nilz said...

Hello! Love your baby, he looks so sweet.

Nilz said...

Thanks for your visit. I'm fine and more so because I discovered some great blogs like yours today.

Shabem® said...

Babies are just precious. You have a cute little angel there. Congrats!

RoseLLe said...

oh that was one very precious smile...his first. good that you've captured it. blessings!



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