Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Exciting Ice Cream Contest!

With the hot, humid weather we have right now, I surely need a big bowl of ice cream! Ice cream has always been one of my favorite desserts. In our fridge, we have Rocky Road, Strawberries & Cream, Slam Dunk Crunch and Vanilla Ice cream. Back in the Philippines, I would usually buy or order flavors such as Mango, Cheese or Ube. mmmm That makes me want to have one at this very minute! Talking about ice cream, there is an Awesome Cold Stone Contest right now called iMix America National Ice Cream Contest. If you are between 13-19 years old, and you think you have the talent of creating your own signature ice cream, then you might want to consider joining this exciting contest. Contestants are to use the ingredients found at Cold Stone Creamery, give it a unique, catchy name, then ask family and friends to vote for their creation online. Participants with the highest number of votes will proceed to the next rounds until the end of December this year. Announcement of winners will be done in January the following year. Big prizes await the winner. Imagine winning $30, 000 plus in prizes! Be challenged. Be creative. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance! Hurry! Join now! For more information, you can visit these websites: iMix America Rules and Regulations and iMix America Contest.

Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery

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