Thursday, June 5, 2008

Taking Care of Roses

"Don't let a rose die from its vine." That's a famous quote mentioned to me by our good friend, Joan about roses. This morning, I noticed that a few of the roses had withered. Remembering what she said, I decided to trim them from their stems, removed the dead leaves and old branches in order to produce new and prettier blooms. I did the same thing last year, and lovelier blooms indeed sprung out. Hope it does it again this year. :)

with my 2 boys as "extras" in the picture :)


TroubleX2 said...

They're gorgeous!

Catherine said...

It's lovely. Unfortunately my country's weather is not suitable to plant roses.

Btw, I have a new tag for you - "Six Word Memoir", hope you love it and God bless!


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