Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Favorite Pair of Pants

During my younger years, I had this favorite pants of mine that I basically wore every time I would go out to the mall with my friends, dine out or watch movies. It was a pair of tight blue jeans that shapely covered my legs, and gave my body a nice-looking curve. I would wear it with a simple white shirt, or a sleeveless top to match with it. Well, during those days, I had a svelte body to justify wearing those kind of pants. Sadly, not anymore! Those were the good old days! :) Oh, I just loved those pants! If that pair of pants could talk, it would have said "C'mon, give me a break! ". I never got tired of wearing it until that day that it got accidentally stained with a bleaching solution. Oh, that was a devastating experience for me! And you know, it is hard to find a pair of pants that would fit perfectly on your body. Hey, speaking of pants, I came across an awesome contest from Dockers that really caught my attention. It is called Dockers TV Commercial Contest. If you have a great story to tell about your pants, you can submit it as video to Dockers contest. That sounds fun, doesn't it? Don't waste time. Join the exciting Dockers contest! Send your video now!

Sponsored by Dockers


Maya said...

Remembering my favorite pairs,too. My they seems screaming at me to let them off. i can't, Feeling them so well on me that i cant throw them even they are really worn out.
Docker are good ones. i do agree, have a couple of them as my fave.

Dana&Debbie said...

Sheila.....I can't wait my old jeans/pants anymore..I've grown big now!! hehe

Dana&Debbie said...

Oh my....my mind is not working....I read my comment earlier...my bad, lol..I'm getting older!

I meant to say," I can't wear my old jeans/pants anymore...


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