Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cool Recipe Website

Each day, I always think of what to cook for my darling husband and my dear son, Noah. I do have a shelf full of recipe books but still, I find myself going online looking for great-tasting but easy to follow recipes. Then, I found this very helpful site called It is a Food Recipe site where not only can you see other people's recipes, but also it is a valuable tool to store and collect your tried and tested recipes. Another good thing about it is that, it is so easy to locate and add a recipe you may want. You just have to use the "Live Recipe Search" on top of the page if you are looking for a specific one. And, if you want to share and add yours, you just click on the green tab saying "Add Your Recipe", then follow the steps. Very impressed, I created an account myself, and I can say that has been my reliable guide since then. I love it and I plan to continue using it because of the convenience it provides to wives and mothers like me.

General Tso's Chicken

The best General Tso's chicken I have tasted so ...

See General Tso's Chicken on Key Ingredient.

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Mariz said...

Thanks for sharing this. I checked out that website - KeyIngredient, and it's really cool. You really look so blessed, your face is radiant with happiness. God bless and all the best to you. Care to x-links?

Vineyardesigns said...
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Vineyardesigns said...

Check out this recipe site too:


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