Saturday, June 7, 2008

Daddy's Corner

I can honestly say that Noah is a Daddy's boy. In fact, Noah's first word was "dada", and he says "dada" much more than "mama" even if I'm with him most of the time. But, I won't complain on that. I love seeing them bond and have fun together. Oh, what a precious sight! He finds time to play and get silly with him even if he's exhausted and stressed from work. For him, there's no excuse or reason not to have even a single second with your kid when you've spent most of your time working outside home. Family is always a priority. I could see in my husband's eyes how much he adores Noah. He has wonderful plans for him. Even when I was still pregnant with Noah, he would always check on him, tap my belly to wake him up and feel his strong, Ninja kicks. He wanted to be assured that he's doing ok and everything's alright. I remember, it was winter season then, my husband would carry me from the car to the house so I won't slip or fall from the icy floor, and risk losing our baby. That early on, I know his love for our son is overflowing. It's love in abundance! And, it has never changed. Only growing and growing each day! :)

Not to forget, I wish to thank my dear gorgeous friends, Mommy Juliana, Debbie, Vhiel, and Maria, for this beautiful tag. :)


Dana&Debbie said...

You have a beautiful family Sheila, you are indeed blessed.. The Lord is sooooo great!

I love the photos, it is sooooooo touching to see how a father loves his son.

Pinay WAHM said...

I came back to comment here. Hehe...I love looking at father/mother and child pics.

Can't wait to see pag kayo ay 4 na...

Mommy J

Lalaine said...

so cute photos!

My Li'l one naman..his first word was AMma and he'd be calling me pero andun naka tinggin sa Appa nya..:)

marikit said...

sweet, sweet daddy pics. :)

Belen said...

nice naman. Cute baby and big daddy. hehehe. ingats


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