Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy, Busy

hmmm... I guess I am on a nesting stage. And I think, my husband is as well. :)For the past few days, my hubby and I had been preparing the house for the imminent coming of our second baby, Kaiden. I went through all of Noah's old stuff- clothes, socks, diapers that were not used when he was a newborn. Oh my! They were so tiny that I couldn't imagine he was that itty bitty baby before! :) Last week, we went to Children's Orchard and purchased a double stroller at a very reasonable price. Just the other day, we bought another booster car seat for Noah to be put in my SUV. We already had one installed in my hubby's jeep. The entire Sunday, my hubby cleaned the garage, and I was completely pleased with the outcome. A once cluttery, chaotic garage became a totally shipshape, tidy place. So neat! :) Until now, we are still in the process of cleaning and clearing out the things we don't need. Today, I am planning to make the room ready for my Mom and my Aunt who are arriving on a weekend after I give birth. Indeed a busy, busy week for Mommy and Daddy! :)


Dana&Debbie said...

yeah, it's really what we call, nesting stage, as in walang kapagod pagod,hehe!

seems like everything's ready already. great job daddy and mommy! your boys are soooooooooooo lucky to have you as their parents!!

you should also rest sheila... just 6 days....and bubutasin ulit ang magandang tummy mo,hehe! :)

Jean9 said...

Wow...your babies birth is sooon!..I wish you well. Nice new look on your page.


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