Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gold 401K?

I have been off from work since Wednesday until today. I do work from home but there are important things that I got to accomplish in the office itself. Our daycare hasn't called yet. I hope her house is ready for tomorrow. Although my co-workers have an idea as to what happened, still I feel bad that I have to miss those days. Last week was the payroll. Each payroll week, I compute for every employee's PTO or paid time off. Along with that, I also do their 401k contribution. I can't possibly do those at home for the paperwork have to stay in the office. Evidently now, those have to take a backseat since I'm still waiting for my daycare's call. What happened was something I don't have control of. At the same time, I feel bad for her because she had to redo most part of her living room and kitchen due to the fire accident. And that's added expenses considering she's also not getting income from daycare because she had to close.

Anyway, in line with 401K, there's a site on gold 401k or 401k gold that provides valuable information to every investor. Question on how to put gold in IRA is clearly explained. If you're planning on doing the gold IRA transfer, Gold Coins Gain is the site to visit. There is a gold IRA form that you can fill out to start with. Even with the tough economy, gold has remained stable. In fact it is considered the most durable asset of all times. How to put gold in my IRA? Check their site and order their free gold guide.


coolingstar9 said...

A bless life,
Yes, gold has the value during recession and non-recession.
It is good to know about investment about gold to have extra income.
Thanks for sharing the information, I will look into it. Please take care of your health as you have so many paper work to do like payroll, etc. Hope you continue console you friend take good care after the fire accident.
Have the happier weekend with your family.

john said...

Thanks for posting that article, it feeds the mind and eases the eagerness of the reader… Compassion to give such these information and things made a great contribution in the world of the website, for the one who sees it and need it like me… Hope to add more stuff and some fresh ideas…
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Rhea said...

I had a great time reading around your post as I read it extensively. Thanks for writing about this!

john said...

I am glad you made this post about gold. I hope to one day have more gold in my portfolio.



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