Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Short Vacation

What a week it was! Both fun and memorable I should say. My Mom and Aunt finally arrived. They stayed for almost a week. It was short but sweet. :) I wish they stayed longer but that wasn't possible because of their work. For the 6 days they were here, we went to different places such as Branson to visit a cousin. It was 4 hour drive from our place. We could have gone to Myrtle Beach Hotel but there wasn't just enough time. The family is planning though to visit the famous Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel next year.

Seaside is one of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels that boasts of spectacular views. They have the glorious white beach that is so beautiful to look at. If you're on a budget but still want to have the best vacation ever, look for their Manager's Special Deal. Room rates are lowered for your satisfaction. Enjoy a luxury vacation for a lot less. It's vacation galore!

Enchanted Sailing Charters, Helicopter Tour Package, Honeymoon Package, Spa Package... These are some of the wonderful packages they offer. My husband and I would definitely love the Enchanted Sailing Charters. We like the tranquility that water brings. It's a dream vacation.

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Salitype said...

glad to know you had a fav time with your mom and aunt!!!


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