Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Ugly and The Bliss

Recently, I've been going over my stuff to sort out the ones I wanted to keep, and the ones I would donate or throw away. Every time I would do this, I would always find myself tossing out a bunch of things to the trash can. Either they don't serve any purpose anymore, or just plain ugly.

Speaking of ugly, there is a new exciting contest from LG entitled Lose the Ugly, Find Your Bliss. Anyone interested can upload a photo or video which they consider hideous or undesirable to You can't upload pictures of ugly people or indecent behavior though for these are apparently not allowed. It could also be something you would want to get rid of. An example would be an outdated phone, TV, etc. If you would like to see sample photos of what I'm talking about, better join the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and you would see quite a number of them. Entering the contest would entitle you to win the fabulous LG Bliss phone or a gift card worth $50 for second prize. There would be 5 grand prize winners and 50 second prize winners all in all. The LG Bliss phone is so stylish and eye catching, very thin and light. Not the bulky type. It is the kind of phone most people would like to have including myself. It is just the coolest thing! So, hurry! Join the contest now. It ends November 6th of this year.



~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog

Salitype said...

that sound promising, i'll go and check it out, then!


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