Saturday, September 12, 2009

True Life Alert

Our accountant was supposed to meet with our office manager last Friday to discuss important issues. However, that didn't happen. He called and told us the unfortunate news. A burglar broke into his house! The police were already at his house just waiting for him. Gladly though, he has a home security system installed. It alarmed and authorities got there immediately. As soon as we heard about the news, we called our friend who lives few miles from where he resides. She is on medical leave right now due to an operation she recently had. At first, we were quite hesitant to tell her for she might get paranoid. But we still told her for we couldn't help break the news with her. And I guess she ought to know to be more cautious. Her grandmother lives with her and she has a life alert system installed for her as well.

Brickhouse Life Alert can detect falls remarkably. If your parent or grandparent happens to fall and can't possibly push the emergency button, the device immediately sends an alert for help. It's the true life alert that you can depend on any time. They have experienced and knowledgeable personnel that are fully equipped and trained in protecting your home and loved ones. No question about dependability. They have 24/7 monitoring that whatever happens anytime during the day or night, they would always be there for your safety.

1 comment:

Salitype said...

oh! sorry to hear about your colleague's unfortunate incident.

never heard of life alert, but its one good thing to have.ahh! the security of modern technology!!


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