Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Siopao!

Aside from the yummy-licious mocha and chocolate cakes from Goldlilocks, my aunt also brought a box of siopaos which she got from the same store. My aunt said they used to be big. I guess because of the recession they decided to downsize those steamed meat buns. :) Siopao is one of my husband's faves. He prefers the asado though from the bola-bola. He finds the latter weird tasting. As for me, I like both varieties. This afternoon I was craving for the bola-bola kind. Both of them have dots on top, only one is red and the other is orange. I forgot and still forgetting ( shame! hehe :)) which one represents asado, or bola-bola. I thought I got it right this time. But I ended up getting the asado instead. I just wish they didn't have to put dots on both kinds, just on the bola-bola kind would suffice, I guess. Still tasted good, so no complaints. :)


cherie said...

love siopao, too! short lang comment ko, sweetie, ha, busy!!! take care!!

Salitype said...

asado or bola-bola? i am going for both, greedy me...ha!ha!ha!

oh! very thoughtful of your aunt to bring you siopao. sad to say even sipoao is being comparomised by the recession, tsk! at least it still taste as good!

have a lovely weekend!

J said...

lucky you, you really had a good taste of 'home'. now, I'm also craving for siopao.

have a great weekend!


MelCole said...

oi! i really miss siopao, it's my favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner when i was in Philippines. hope we can be friends, m a filipina too. followed you already, hope you will follow me too.

kAyE said...

i'm like your hubby. i don't eat bola-bola because it just tastes weird for me. but i LOVE asado! here in baguio we have P11 siopao from a local bakery. Great value, eh?

BTW, thanks for the follow! I'm here to follow you as well. :)

DebbieDana said...

I love siopao soooooooo much and I prefer asado. Dana also loves it, and if im not mistaken, we have tried making asado siopao about 4 times already and it tasted good..although not as good as the one I am craving for from the Philippines, hehe!

But anyway, sensya na beautiful Mommy for visiting just now, been pretty busy lately, plus...we had flash flood here in northern GA, the rain didn't stop until this morning....thankfully, we're all fine here. Musta na? Hope everyone's doing well lalo na mga adorable and handsome little boys mo.. :)

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments pala...Hugs and kisses to Noah and Kaiden.. :)

Ingat lagi,
Debbie :)

Chay said...

I love siopao ! I want to learn how to make it ! You are right, it is getting smaller and smaller. Gone are the days where one piece of siopao would make you feel full. I can finish half a dozen of those small pieces hahahahha


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