Sunday, September 27, 2009

Worst Flood In Manila

My Mom called me up this morning and informed me about the typhoon Ondoy that severely hit Manila. We were so worried about our relatives for most of them live in Quezon City and Marikina. We haven't heard from them or received any information except for a couple of messages my cousins wrote in Facebook. The worst, according to reports, hit Marikina where my aunt, unfortunately, resides. They had to climb up to the rooftop for the flood has risen up to almost 10 feet. After it happened, the place seemed like a ghost town. According to a relative who visited the place, there was no power or electricity. It was muddy, and garbage was all over the place. I was grateful and relieved that I was able to get hold of my cousin who's been taking care of our house in Quezon City since we migrated to the US. She's alright and the house didn't get flooded as much as in other areas. I thank God they're safe.

Here is a video of how gravely the flood affected Manila. Sad. Let's continue to pray for those who were severely affected.


Chay said...

Ahhh I had to call my mom in the Phils. as soon as I saw these videos in Youtube. I never realized the damaged this storm had done until I saw it. Really sad and concerning.

cherie said...

i am terribly saddened.

Salitype said...

yes, my family lives in manila and thank God they're ok..

the devastation was so great that it will take months before people can move on with their lives.i heard another typpon is soon to hit the philippines in days...may GOD bless the Philippines!

have a lovely week, sheila!

IrfanOnView said...

There are 2 common geographically, between the Philippines and my country Indonesia. Both are island nations. Hopefully floods in Manila and the earthquake in Padang, Sumatra is the last. Self surrender to God. There must be the wisdom from God behind this tragedy. Articles that touches the heart, Sheila ...


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