Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noah Counts in Spanish?

Ola! :)

My 2-year old Noah loves watching Dora and Diego. He learned really well from watching that show. We still have to work on numbers 6-10 though, but it's a pretty good start for him to learn the Spanish language. I won't be surprised if he'd be speaking in Chinese one of these days because he watches Ni Hao Kai Lan also with much fondness. :)


Did he say "engkow! for cinco? ahehe :)"


cherie said...

aba, oo nga, ano? way to go, baby! move aside, diego! hahaha!

onlinemommy said...

I assume he learned it from Dora the Explorer show hehehe

Salitype said...

oh cute! my daughter did learned her few spanish words from dora the explorer as well. what a fun way to learn

DebbieDana said...

Great job Noah! Nakakatuwa naman!! I won't be surprised if he'll be multi lingual later on...

Debbie :)


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