Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Savings For Auto Insurance

My aunt who lives in California was supposed to come over here with my parents in January to see the kids. Unfortunately, she needed to pass this time due to some financial difficulties. In fact, she had to sell her house and move to a new one with a lower rate. So sad this has to happen. With the crisis we are experiencing right now, we want to save as much as we can. As much as possible, we want to avail of discounts, promos, special offers from different stores, restaurants, or companies. I mentioned to her the cheap California auto insurance from AutoInsuranceQuotes.com. Car insurance in California is popular for having exorbitant rates. In fact, it is among the highest compared to all the states. Very expensive! With AutoInsuranceQuotes, you can save a big deal for insurance rates like as much as 20%. All you have to do is enter your zip code, answer some questions and low, cheap rates will be shown to you. Not complicated for anyone to do. The site also features valuable savings tips that everyone can benefit from. First tip is to do your research by getting quotes from different insurance companies. For this, I suggest utilizing the AutoInsuranceQuotes.com. Just a few clicks and you'll find the answer you're looking for.

Dental Work For Me

Day before Christmas, I had my root canal. I was so scared initially because it has a bad reputation of being excruciatingly painful. Boy, I was wrong! I even suggested to my hubby that I'd rather have it pulled thinking it would be less painful. Good thing, I opted for the root canal. It was totally painless! Well, thanks to anesthesia and a competent dentist. I was completely numb. hehe :) We wanted to use up our dental insurance to its last cent as much as possible for the year. So, last Monday, I had my fillings done as well. Same thing. It was a good experience. Thank God! :)

Blurry Vision

As I get older, my vision seems to get blurry. I'm currently wearing a pair of eyeglasses. I don't wear it at all times, but only when I drive and do shopping. I'm nearsighted. Driving without glasses is uncomfortable for me. It is difficult for me to see street signs, numbers, even the traffic sign at afar. It's impossible for me to drive especially if I need to find a store or house without my glasses on. I can't read the numbers and I almost get into accidents. At night time, when it's obviously dark, I can get lost. And I can't risk that having children with me inside the car. This season, Zenni Optical offers Holiday frames which can go as low as $8.00. Yes, you read that right. They are classy, stylish, comfortable frames at affordable prices. This frame only costs $15.95. Colors range from translucent to dark green frame front. The temples have cute snowmen and evergreens that parade from front to back. I like it. I'm thinking of getting this one. Its low price doesn't mean quality is sacrificed. They are, in fact, high quality glasses that have complete UV protection, anti-scratch coating, full guarantee, etc. Its affordability is due to the reason that there are sold directly from their factories, with no middlemen involved. Look no farther. Get your glasses at Zenni Optical now.

Go, go Kaiden!

Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, Kaiden has been learning to sit up on his own and also starting to crawl. When Noah is just near him, lying down on the floor, he would try to get to him as fast as he can. Everytime he stumbles, we would give him lots of encouragement to go on. Go, go baby! You can do it! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fruits And Veggies

Living healthy is always associated with eating fruits and vegetables. It is a wise thing to do so. As much as possible, we want Noah to get used to eating fruits and vegetables. So far, banana has been his favorite fruit. He calls it "nana" in his own words. Also among his favorites are apple, grapes, cantaloupe, melon, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries which he calls "choris". For vegetables, he likes steamed asparagus, broccoli topped with cheese, soft green beans, mashed potatoes, carrots from the pot roast, etc. At lunch time at work, I'd always have salad before the main meal. Salads such as the Fresh Express Tendergreens truly make my day. Very fresh and delicious! How can you resist a very delectable looking salad?

Let us choose to live healthy by making phytonutrients a major part of our every meal. With kids like me, it is important that we teach them how to eat right at a very young age. Our baby Kaiden loves mashed carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and green beans. Phytonutrients have health enhancing effects on our bodies. They boost our immune system, promote brighter, healthier eyes, and are great sources of antioxidants-important for cancer prevention. For mothers out there, starting our children with fruits and vegetables is part of being a great parent.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just Wanna Say...

It's a day truly special for my kids especially Noah.
By the way, last Monday, baby Kaiden won a little christmas tree and an envelope full of gift cards worth $180. There was a raffle in the hospital I work for, and gladly his name was drawn. Talking about a Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaiden at 5 and 6 Months

My baby Kaiden surely has gotten bigger, and heavier! I feel sometimes that my arms are going to fall off. hehe :) At 6 months, he has learned how to sit-up with a little support every now and then from Mommy. He has been scooching, and has also been lifting his butt while on his tummy, wanting desperately to learn how to crawl. I guess he wants to play with his 22 month old brother Noah soon, who has been running around like any active toddler. To our surprise, Kaiden has been uttering the words "da-da", "dade" with emphasis on the "d" a lot of times lately. Oh yeah, he babbles a lot.

Kaiden now at 6 months

Kaiden at 5 months

A Valuable Credit Tool

Who would want to pay a high interest credit card when you can find a zero interest credit card? Every now and then, we would receive mailings from banks convincing us to try their low or no interest credit card, or a balance transfer with no fee. My husband does keep an eye on them, and is wise about it. He compares credit cards carefully. What he would do is transfer all of our balance, or depending how much is allowed, from our high interest card to the 0% interest credit card with a long introductory period. If there is a remaining balance, we pay it in full. That way, we get to save a good amount money from the exorbitant rate.

Comparecards.com does help with one's decision making when it comes to getting a credit card. Don't know what credit card is right for you? Check their site. Credit cards are compared by category such as Low Interest Credit Cards, Balance Transfer Cards, Instant Approval Cards, etc. If you are concerned by the credit quality, they also give you that information from Excellent to Bad or No Credit. All of the information you need are in comparecards.com. They do all the research for you. In my opinion, it is a valuable tool that you might want to bookmark or add to your favorites. Just like we did.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mmmm Uhg!

No, Noah wasn't speaking German or any foreign language. In his dictionary, the words mean "Mmmm..hug!". This is probably one of my favorite videos. Just so sweet! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Practical

A lot of times, I spend hours going around the mall searching for the perfect gift for my friends and loved ones. I want to give them something special, but I end up giving up looking. It gives me major headache most of the time. In our office, our manager would give us gift cards for well-known stores, restaurants, etc. I just think giving gift cards is the safest and most practical route to take.

If you're unsure of what to give you're loved one or friend, or co worker, it is probably best to give them a gift card for Christmas. It saves you time, effort and money as well, especially if the gift you gave them wasn't actually what they like. Online I found a site that offers gift cards for a variety of popular stores and restaurants like Applebee's, Chili's, Marshalls, Best Buy, etc. It's called GiftCardMall.com. What's awesome about this site is also the fact that you can design your own gift card. Cool! If you need help deciding, you can browse and select from their Top Seller list. Don't sweat this Christmas. Avail of their FREE shipping. Give a gift card.

Our Island Vacation

From Anacortes, we took the ferry ride going to the Orcas Island where my husband was raised and spent his youngster years. Him and his friends call themselves as the Island Boys. It is said to be the largest among the San Juan Islands. The islands are located between the coast of Washington State and Vancouver, Canada. Oh gee, you wouldn't want to know what the weather was like. It was chilly!

This is the harbor showing my father-in-law's boat which he built himself. This is also the view from their bedroom where we slept. Spectacular view! We could actually see ducks, seagulls, seals, otters climbing on top of the rocks while we are lying on bed.

Orcas Island
taken from my in-laws bedroom

They weren't there when we arrived. That time, they had an appointment with the chiropractor. Noah was in heaven as he was welcomed by trays of cookies of different shapes, sizes and flavors. My wonderful stepmom-in-law cooks and bakes so well that seems like we gain weight every time we visit them. Well, it's a vacation, and we love her food! :) I love the Strawberry Bavarian that she made! Can't remember how many heaps of ice cream I ate because it was so yum! yum! :) They were delighted to see the kids even with Noah being all over the place, messing around. Noah addresses them as Nampa ( grandpa) and Namma ( grandma). When one of them loses his sight, he'd always say, " Nampa (or Namma), where are you?", with a cute up and down tone. :)

Noah and Kaiden with their "Nampa" and "Namma"

A Lovely Gift

I remember when I was a kid, my uncle, who used to work abroad, would never fail to send me a watch on my birthday, or Christmas day. I was always eager to receive a gift from him. Whenever the packages arrived, I was the first in line. Oh, those watches made me popular in school as I would wear different cute watches every day. Needless to say, he was my favorite uncle among all my relatives. :)

Watches are great gifts for the holiday. A holiday gift guide could include beautiful authentic brand name designer watches from TheWatchery.com. Getting it on time is never a problem. They offer fast and free shipping for orders worth $100 or more. They also take pride in their excellent customer service. What makes it even more exciting is that they have this ongoing promo called the Watchery Giveaway where you can actually pick a FREE watch from select purchases. I like the style and how elegant Movado Radius look. It stands out because of its unique style as well. It is a yellow gold watch set with diamonds. You can save as much as 65% for this one plus you're entitled for a FREE watch. Amazing deal! TheWatchery.com is undoubtedly the place to go not only this holiday but throughout the year as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting With Relatives

That Sunday, we also met with his lovely stepsister, Tammy. We stayed there overnight. She prepared a great dinner for us- beef, chicken and shrimp kebabs was my favorite. Being so nice that she is, she gave Noah and Kaiden gifts that they truly enjoyed especially Noah. Noah met his beautiful cousins, Mia, who's almost the same age that he is, and Taylor who's 7 years old. Oh, they had a blast! One time I was looking for him and later found out he was inside the pantry closet with Mia. They were giggling when I opened the door.

Noah and Mia hiding

Baby Kaiden and Taylor

Christmas Offer From Nikon

Hunters out there, there is a holiday promotion from Nikon that you surely don't want to miss! It is the Christmas season and Nikon wants to make the day very special and memorable for you. It is a promotion from Nikon Sport Optics, Nikon ProGear.com and NikonHunting.com with a great presentation from Lee & Tiffany Lakosky. All you have to do is purchase any qualifying and eligible binocular from authorized Nikon dealers until December 31, 2008, and you will receive a Nikon Promotional Gift Card absolutely FREE. Gift cards are valued at $25 and $50. Qualifying binoculars would include the Nikon Monarch ATB Series, Nikon Trailblazer ATB Series, Nikon ProStaff and Nikon Action Extreme. Aside from that, they have the Ultimate Hunter's Package that would help improve your long-range shooting skills. Hurry! Go and visit your nearest Nikon dealer and avail of their special Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back From Vacation!

I'm back! :) At last, I get to update my blog again. Not that I was slacking (a lil bit, I guess :)), but we just got home from a vacation to Washington State. My husband's originally from there and it has been a tradition to spend a vacation with his folks and friends on "Thanksgiving week". Honestly, it's stressful to fly with the little ones. Even with new toys to keep them entertained, they still got fussy at times. We were on the verge of losing our sanity, but gladly, we were able to keep it. hehe :) On our way home, they both slept almost throughout the 3 hour flight. Thankfully! We stayed at a friend's place, called The Highlands, in Seattle until Sunday. Oh, they have a gargantuous house! A mansion! Our house is not even half of its size. hehe :) We were greeted by Bennie and Obie, which are their dogs by the way, - huge, adorable dogs! Bennie is a Goldendoodle, a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix, and Obie is a Bouvier. (sounds Frenchy, huh?:)) The family was on vacation as well to California.
The Mansion (part of the mansion, I should say :))

We had lunch at Denny's with my hubby's sweet, thoughtful Mom. Afterwards, we went straight to her apartment with gifts waiting for Noah and Kaiden. Noah loves the plane that Mom gave him.
Mom Margie kissing Noah

with Kaiden

When we were there, Noah had an accident. He pooped big time and for some reason, he got a rash on his inner thigh. My husband decided to wash him in the sink. hehe :) Noah loved the bubble bath in his improvised mini tub. :)

More stories and, of course, photos to come about our Washington vacation. I'd do it on "installment basis" (sounds like I'm paying a loan here hehe :)) since it's surely going to be too long if I'd do it one time. Thanks a lot for those who checked my blog from time to time. Such kind gesture shall be reciprocated. Be ready for me then, fabulous bloggers! :)


Last Monday, when we dropped off Noah and Kaiden at the daycare, I noticed a beautiful bouquet of roses on top of the television of our daycare provider. I asked her about it, and she said it was from her husband who surprised her with flowers early morning. How sweet! But then, she retracted it immediately. She said it was just her wishing that, but it was actually her mother's roses given by a friend. She said it in a funny way that I laughed with her. hehe :) I love how bright red the roses were. Stunning! We have roses in our front yard and they bloom beautifully in spring time. Last Spring, I took pictures of them with our son, Noah. Oh, it was one of my favorite photos! My husband would sometimes surprise me with flowers on certain occasions. Christmas flowers are just so lovely to look at. If you order it at 1-800-flowers.com, you can get in on the same day. You can even save up to 30% on some of their very attractive bouquets. Great deal! I personally like their Martha Stewart Latin Lady Roses. The bouquet just looks so elegant for me! It makes a wonderful centerpiece. Flowers make great gifts for your loved ones, or even for your manager or co-workers. You can surely make them smile and feel special. Get them now and make someone happy. I'm saying that from personal experience.


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