Friday, January 30, 2009

My Addictions

My awesome blogger friend, Roselle, gave me this fabulous award. Thanks a bunch sistah! :) Sorry for the delay though. I know I should have done this sooner. Busy, busy, sometimes forgetting or simply slacking hehe :) I do appreciate the thought though. :)

With this award you have to list your 5 addictions. Well, here's mine...
1. my "MEN"- Oh yes! I'm addicted to my men! But hold on! Before thinking of me as despicable, my men refers to my dear hubby and our 2 little boys-Noah and Kaiden :)
2. internet surfing-Googling, blogging, checking my email, etc.
3. couponing! hehe! :)
4. checking on store deals/sales, sale shopping, stocking up on sale items like home necessities
5. green tea

A Filipina White House Executive Chef

I just thought of sharing this awesome achievement from a fellow Filipino. I've heard of her name before and I was glad to learn that she has remained as the White House Executive Chef. She must really be a magnificent chef to stay in that position for years, and for 2 presidents at that. Mmmm! Maybe it would just be in my wildest dreams that I get to taste any of her cooking. lol! :) She certainly makes us proud of our heritage.

Anyway, here's the story...

Cristeta Comerford To Remain White House Chef

Today, Michelle Obama announced that Cristeta Comerford will stay on as White House Executive Chef, putting to rest all the speculation surrounding the decision.

Cristeta Comerford took the job in 2005 and is the first woman and first minority to serve as executive chef.

"Cristeta Comerford brings such incredible talent to the White House operation and came very highly regarded from the Bush family," Michelle Obama said in a statement released by the transition team. "Also the mom of a young daughter, I appreciate our shared perspective on the importance of healthy eating and healthy families."
Comerford is a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines who studied French cooking in Vienna, Austria, and specializes in ethnic and American cuisine.
She's come a long, long, long way, this former hotel "salad girl." Before she was hired as an assistant chef in the White House in 1995, before First Lady Laura Bush promoted her to White House Executive Chef last week, Cristeta Comerford -- "Cris" to her neighbors and co-workers here in the Washington area, "Teta" to her large but tight-knit Filipino family in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove -- was in charge of a salad bar.

"That's what I called her, 'salad girl.' She prepared
Caesar salad, Cobb salad," says Juanito Pasia, Cristeta's older brother, trying not to laugh. It was Juanito who drove Teta -- then 23, newly arrived from the Philippines -- in his blue Ford van to and from work at a Sheraton Hotel near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. "Can you believe it?" he asks, giving another hearty laugh. "Can you believe this is happening?"

News and photos from Huffington Post

Special Offer

Last Wednesday was when my husband left for Florida. Since that day, little Noah has been looking for him for he has been missing him a lot. I'm glad that I have my parents with me to entertain him, and take care of him while I go to work on particular days. Every day and night, even with his hectic schedule, he never fails to call or text us. I normally put him on speaker whenever he calls so Noah can hear him and talk to him as well. We don't have a landline at home. We use mobile phones for practical reasons. 3 Phone Deals are available at They have special offers for very low price. LG Renoir, Sony Ericsson C905 Black are examples of the phones they feature. They do have amazing deals that will save you a great deal of money.

Smart Woman


A point of view.

Barbara Walters, of Television's 20/20, did a story on gender roles in Kabul, Afghanistan
several years before the Afghan conflict.

She noted that women customarily walked five paces behind their husbands.

She recently returned to Kabul and observed that women still walk behind their husbands.

From Ms . Walters' vantage point, despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime,
the women now seem to walk even further back behind their husbands, and are happy to maintain the old custom.

Ms . Walters approached one of the Afghani women and asked, 'Why do you now seem happy with an old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?'

The woman looked Ms Walters straight in the eyes, and without hesitation said, 'Land Mines.'

Moral of the story is: (no matter what language you speak and where you go)


Funny! Pretty smart, huh? :)
I got this email from my friend who sends me a bunch of hilarious, even naughty ones, (I can't post them here for apparent reason...wholesome eh :)) almost every day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty Flowers

I was surprised to get flowers from my co-workers on my birthday which was weeks ago. Oh, it was lovely! Our office smelled so good! So fresh and colors were vibrant! I actually thought they've forgotten it. My birthday was on a Saturday. No one greeted me on a Friday before that when I was at work. Although, the phone department remembered. I was alright with it since I didn't really care that much. Monday, the following week, a bouquet of flowers was delivered and put on my desk without me knowing it. I was faxing something that I had to leave the office for a minute, and when I got back, there I saw my flowers. I felt so special. I thanked them all. It was so sweet of them. Martha Stewart flowers do make wonderful centerpiece. I like the Martha Stewart Mixed Rose Bouquet. It accentuates our simple living room. I like the combination of the colors- red, pink and purple. It complements the design and color of our house. We do have roses on our front yard. We love how they bloom in spring time. They are so lovely to look at. Every rose plant seems to compete with one another with their rich color. This Valentine's day, the Martha Stewart bouquet makes a wonderful gift. Oh, I would surely love to receive one. If you want to make someone feel special, just go They have flowers for all occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, get well, new baby, congratulations are some examples. They can be delivered on the same day as well. Prices are reasonable. They offer bouquets as low as $19.95.

My Walmart Experience

I ran out of milk and eggs today. My Mom and I along with Noah went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Chet had already told my Mom that I had been crazy about couponing and stocking up on items when they're on sale. This morning before we proceeded to Walmart, I picked up the newspaper on our driveway and looked for the circulars. Price Chopper, Hyvee and Hen House have great deals for the week. Before, I would go to each store to avail of their discounts or sale. This time, I tried a new saving adventure. We went to Walmart as planned, bought groceries, but bought them not at Walmart price but at a lower Price Chopper's sale price. Confused? I brought along the Price Chopper circular with me and asked the cashier if they could match their sale price. Yes, they do price match. Price Chopper has Kraft Cheddar cheese on sale for $1.88. Walmart sells it for $2.14. I showed the cashier the Price Chopper ads, and instead of putting $2.14, she rang it up for only $1.88. Same thing for Edy's Ice Cream. It was on sale for $2.69 at Price Chopper. I got it at that price instead of paying $3.48. Oscar Mayer bacon was also on sale for $1.99, got it at that price instead of the regular Walmart price... and the list goes on. In a nutshell, instead of going from store to store to take advantage of each store's sale, I can just go to Walmart, and save the most money. Saves a lot of time, too! Such convenience for me. :)

Anyway, for Price Chopper deals, you can either check their circular, or you can go to their site

Enjoying Movies

My parents finally arrived last Saturday. As with most grandparents, they were so happy to see their little grandsons. Noah got a bag full of toys, coloring books, crayons, etc. Kaiden got new winter clothes which are truly adorable. As for me and my hubby, they brought us Filipino foods which I have been craving for a long time. They were frozen even when they got here. There's not really a Filipino restaurant around here so you can just imagine how desperate I am to have a taste of sumptuous Pinoy foods. Last Monday, I went to work while my parents take care of Noah and Kaiden. When my Dad was watching TV, Noah accidentally hit one of the buttons of the remote control. The TV did something strange and my Dad didn't know what to do. Back in their home in New Jersey, they use DirecTV.

I checked online to learn more about DirecTV. Right now, they have amazing DirecTV deals. You can get 28 movie channels, FREE for 3 months and also save as much as $23 per month for a year. When my hubby returns from a trip, I would definitely suggest their great DirecTV offers to him. Can't wait!

They're Here!

I'm so happy to see my parents again! Their flight was delayed for about an hour and my hubby was even there an hour earlier than their scheduled flight. The weather was chilly then and roads were a bit slick. Gladly, they were able to get home safe. Oh, everybody was excited as expected! As soon as they entered the house, my Mom kissed the boys and carried baby Kaiden with much joy! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Saturday

2 more days and it's Saturday! I'm excited! Hmmm... You might wonder why. Well, my Mom and Dad are coming over to see their little grandsons and spend a week vacation. They're flying from New Jersey in the morning and will get here early afternoon. My Mom has been calling me almost every day to ask what we want, what Noah wants or what Kaiden might need. I can definitely feel her excitement through her voice over the phone. She laughs whenever Noah says "Yoya" meaning "Lola". So funny! Around that time though, my husband is going to Florida for MLS Training. Flights To Miami are accessible and can easily be found at They have a comprehensive list of flights through their directory. If you're looking for an economical or discounted flight, just go to their site. Everything is listed for you including tips for traveling, etc.

Kaiden at 7 Months

Oh, yes! He can stand up like a pro now. hehehe! Just last month he had just learned how to sit up by himself and crawl. Now, he's standing up on his own while holding on to something, and fearless of falling. He had fallen a few times, cried, but there's no stopping the baby! He's persistent and determined to be like his big brother who's all over the place, running, jumping, dancing... :)

Journey Within

Like every parent, you would want to protect your children and keep them safe at all times. Even if we've been using the daycare for almost 2 years now, there are times that I still fear for my children's safety. "What if Noah falls from the stairs and badly hit his head?" "What if they're running with a pen and he falls and pokes his eye?", "What if, for some reason, the daycare provider didn't notice there's a knife or scissors lying around and an accident happens?". Not that my daycare provider is irresponsible and incompetent, it's just these are some fears I can't help but worry about on some days when I'm not with my kids. Our caregiver is the nicest and the most patient and caring person I've ever met. I can say that Noah, and even little Kaiden love being there. Each day, I pray and entrust everything to Him. I keep telling myself that they're in good hands. I do my best to quit worrying each day. I have to, else my life will stagnate. Nice Average Guy is a novel about a man who lives a pretty comfortable life yet fears about having a meaningless or worthless life, finding no love in the end, etc. It is a well-written book authored by Ned Mansour. This book touches the heart, and will allow you to retrospect or look deeply into yourself without being draggy as it is filled with wit and humor. Buying this book will benefit the TrinityKids Hospice Care.

Flu Shot For Baby

I didn't know that you can give a flu shot to a baby. I just learned about it when our doctor said that Kaiden could get a flu shot as early as 6 months. With them being sick most of the time especially during the chilly winter season, we decided to let them have their flu shots. Laat Thursday, baby Kaiden got his shot, and amazingly, he cried for just a very short time. Two seconds, I guess. hehe! :) Brave little baby!

Wedding Day

I can't remember how long my youngest brother and his girlfriend have been together now. My wild guess would be 5 years. His girlfriend, Jack, short for Jacqueline, is the sweetest girl I've ever known. She truly is a sweetheart. She works as a registered nurse in a highly reputable hospital in New Jersey. I've been asking them when they plan to get married. I just believe that they deserve each other. Saying that, I stumbled upon this great site called where you can get stylish wedding dresses, tuxedos, etc. They have a wonderful collection that you wouldn't want to look elsewhere anymore. If you're looking for a bridesmaid dress, or flower girls dresses, they also have lovely choices with beautiful accessories to match. I love the designs, the colors, and the styles of their dresses.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twinkle, twinkle

At first, I asked my hubby what quote would suit this photo of baby Kaiden. I showed him a list of quotes that I liked and he picked this one. "We can't all be stars. But we can TWINKLE!." His reason for this choice was because his eyes twinkle in this photo. hehe :) Well, I agree with him. I gave this as a gift (placed on a solid black picture frame) to my co-worker who has been very nice to me since I began working in the office. I was pleased to see her hang it on the wall by her desk. Twinkle, twinkle :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Noah's Party

Next month is my first son's birthday. He's going to be 2 years old. I know it may sound clicheish, but time does fly so fast. It is the truth that every mother has to face. Before I know it, he's already in school riding the school bus on his own. Anyway, I am thinking of giving him a theme party. A Disney party sounds fun. Noah loves to watch Mickey Mouse and His Friends on TV. He learns from the show and he enjoys the music and the dancing as well. I've been doing some research online and I found a great site called Oh, they have a lot of fun, interesting ideas! They provide you with valuable tips, activities, decorations, games, even recipes. I want to make my son a cake for his special day. Honestly, I've only baked a few times, but given the steps outlined in the site, I think I'd be good. is like a one-stop shop to get all the information you need in hosting a party. It is all I need.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plane Crash In Hudson River

Until now, I'm still amazed with the plane incident that happened at the Hudson River in NYC. Very smooth and successful landing by the pilot whom I admire for his unbelievable calmness and presence of mind, the airline crew, the rescuers who didn't waste any second to help the petrified passengers,... Hats off to everyone for the heroism and splendid work! God's Amazing grace!

Click this link for the complete story and for more pictures and videos about the plane crash. US Airways Plane Crashes In Hudson River

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Close Your Eyes...

This was just one of them. I wanted to give my friends something unique and personal last Christmas. I had a difficult time looking for one. I just ran out of ideas until I thought of giving them photos of Kaiden or Noah with suitable inspirational quotes. I put each of them on a small black hanging frame. They turned out pretty nice. I was glad that they liked them. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Turned A Year Older Today

Gee, that just doesn't sound good. hehe jk :) It's my birthday and I'm spending it with my 2 little munckins. Hubby is in Florida for the MLS Combine until Tuesday. We're planning to dine out and celebrate my birthday at The Cheesecake Factory or Ruby Tuesday as soon as he gets home. Mmmm! I'm excited! Nothing to do really grand or special today. Just hang around, play with the kids, and maybe cook spaghetti, or have a take out at McDonald's and buy Noah a Happy Meal as well. Can't really decide..hehehe :) Anyway, God has been so good to me. I've been blessed enough. Thank you, Lord! :)

A Savior

Before leaving for Washington last November for our Thanksgiving vacation, I made a list of what to bring along for the travel. Among the list were new toys to entertain Noah and Kaiden, DVD for them to watch in the plane, diapers, wipes, milk, etc. But the most important thing that I brought along was the baby carrier like the ergo baby carrier . Travels are so much easier with the baby carriers or baby slings. With a toddler and a baby, this is a must. And besides, we also had some carry-ons that we need to keep an eye on. With the baby carrier, I was able to move freely. I get to use my hands lifting other things for I didn't have to carry Kaiden with my arms. Even when we got to our friends' and in-laws' house, I was able to help in doing simple household chores like cleaning, setting the table, etc. Besides, Kaiden likes it a lot being in the carrier. He wants to stick around with Mommy most of the time. Whenever he doesn't want to be put down, I just slide him in, buckle him up, making sure that he's properly secured. I like my baby carrier for my back is well-supported. It has shoulder straps that are gently padded. So, if you're going to travel, you might want to consider taking a baby carrier or baby sling with you. It's a savior.

Inspiring Awards

Happy to receive these awards! Thanks youngest for these 2 tokens. You are just so sweet. Love them! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

8 Cents

Shopping at CVS can earn you what they call as EXTRA BUCKS. I call it "free money". When I went back there last Wednesday, I got 2 packs of Huggies diapers and 1 Garnier Sleek and Shine serum. Huggies was on sale for $9.49 each ($9.49x2=$18.98), and Garnier for $2.99. Guess how much I paid for these purchases? Because I earned $22 worth of "extra bucks" from my purchases previously, I paid nothing except for the sales tax which was 8 cents. I also had a coupon for Garnier for $1.00 off. Oh, wish it's like this every time I shop. Of course, that's not gonna happen. hehe :)

Keep Hoping

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Savings At CVS

Last Monday, I went to CVS and bought some items for myself and my husband. Our total purchases would have rung up to $117.72. But, because the items were on sale and because I also had coupons for those items, I only paid $60.98, tax included. I saved a total of $56.74! It would have been more if I was able to catch one error immediately. The cashier didn't take the 50% discount from the Pantene Conditioner I bought. Gee! Next time, I really need to take a look at the cash register screen for each item that they scan. Next time... Other than that, I was happy with my savings. :)


Kaiden is growing so fast. It seems that every week, I would need to replenish or get bigger clothes as he had already outgrown them. They're mostly his onesies, shirts, pants and baby rompers. Some of them are cute ones that I wish he could still wear them. One has the message that says, "Here Comes Trouble!". Haha! It makes me laugh whenever I seen him wear that. It seems that the shirt was made for him. I'm thinking of getting both of my little boys some new clothes to start the new year. For Kaiden, I looked online and I found one that's cute for him. It's funny, too. It says, "I'm kind of a big deal." Oh yes, he is! When he wants something, he wants it right away. He definitely acts like a VIB (Very Important Baby). Well, babies are.For my toddler, Noah, I would want to get him this one. Just like what it says, "My Mom is the bomb". Haha! It made me laugh real hard when I saw that shirt. It's hilarious! At least, in my kid's eyes, his mom is the bomb. There are lots of funny, adorable shirts at Check it out and laugh like I did. You'll love them. By the way, they have a holiday sale ongoing right now.

Off To Florida

Today, my hubby left for Florida for 6 days. It's the start of the MLS season this year. They have a combine he has to attend. For more than a month, he was able to stay longer at home and was with the kids more often. Of course, Mommy will definitely miss him. He had been a great help in the house. He helped me clean and organize most of the things at home. I didn't get much time doing it because my time has been spent mostly getting pregnant (hehe :)), taking care of baby Kaiden and tot Noah, and working in and out of home. We'll see him on Tuesday though. I don't know how Noah will react without Daddy around especially at night time. He'll surely miss him. Guess, same way with his Daddy. :)

Furniture For Your Home

Even after a hard day's work, my husband would still find ti me and energy to cook dinner. Lately, he has been into Mexican food. He had been preparing tacos, burritos with ground beef or chicken. I take care of the kids while he's busy in the kitchen. He cooks real well. Mmm! I'd always tell him he can work as a chef as his other profession aside from working in the sports field. But, of course, he refuses. After eating, he would relax in the living room, sit in the couch watching TV and enjoying his homemade latte and desert. I, on the other hand, after cleaning the kitchen, would sip my hot green tea while I join him. I notice that our furniture needs some replacement. I remember when I was little, my grandparents house was accentuated with rattan furniture. The tables and chairs, the hanging decors were made of rattan. It was beautiful. 2furnish Conservatory Furniture makes rattan furniture of high, exceptional quality. This January, they have an ongoing promo which is 40% off. If you want to look for the perfect design or style for your house, you can always ask for a FREE brochure. They offer free delivery. What's also great about their offers is you will only pay on the day of delivery. No deposit is required. Amazing deal!

Monday, January 5, 2009


We thought something terrible happened to our daycare provider, or her family. We got there around 8:00 in the morning. Jackson and his Dad were already there waiting at the door. He had rung the doorbell many times. I even called her number. But, no answer. There was no note on the door, or a phone call whatsoever. We waited, and waited for half an hour until we decided to go home. I gave the office a call and notified them that I'd switch this day for tomorrow instead. While I was feeding my 2 little munchkins, Noah and Kaiden, the phone rang. It was her. She overslept. She didn't hear the doorbell and the phone calls. Oh well, glad that nothing bad happened to her. My hubby and I were worried. Like any other days, me and my munchkins spent the day playing, learning, reading, eating, sleeping, etc. etc... :)

Pretty Shoes

Whoo! Now that I think about it. It's been a while since I bought myself a nice pair of shoes. In fact, last Friday, my tennis shoes took its toll. That was after my co-worker complimented them for being so white. She also mentioned that I have small feet compared to her which was bigger. I believe she's wearing Size 12 womens shoes. The lace that was criss-crossing in the middle got ripped. I don't know how it happened. And, I had to do shopping after work. Well, that didn't hinder me from doing so. I just did a little mending and it was fine. I mean, for just a short period of time. Oh well, I needed a new pair of shoes anyway. Not for work but for attending parties and other functions, I wanted a stylish pair that is comfortable on my feet at the same time. I found one that I like and it's called Celeste Black by Samantashoes. It's so pretty that I can't wait to have one! They do have another great color for that which is Burgundy. It's made of leather with silk sole making it a comfort to wear. They offer a fabulous range of shoes-dress shoes, boots, etc. for all sizes. That includes size 11, 12, 13 and 14. I don't even have to pay for shipping for it's FREE!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Next Time

I did some shopping today and unfortunately, I forgot to bring some coupons I could have used to get bigger discounts and save more. On my way home, I went to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Price Chopper who have ongoing promos, special deals until the weekend. Honestly, I didn't really get to plan it well like sit down and go over my coupons. Next time...

Cozy Room

In the middle of the night, Kaiden would usually wake up to drink his milk or to have his wet diaper changed. Most of the time, I use a night lamp. For some reason, it's not working as well as it used to anymore. Probably because I use it a lot of times ever since Noah was born, and that sometimes Noah, my 22 month toddler would play with it even when he's not supposed to. Oh well, that's another story. I've been looking around at malls and also online to find lamps for our bedroom and for the guest room as well. My parents are coming over few weeks from now and they're going to use the guest room. I wish to make that room look cozy for them. has an amazing collection of lamps and lamp shades, table lamps made by famous manufacturers. I found one that I really like. It's called 2 Light Walt Disney Signature Accent Table Lamp. It's sophisticated looking and price is reasonable. So far, it's the lowest of its kind I've found. Well, if somewhere you found a price lower than what they're offering, you can always call them and they will quote you a competitive price. Discounts are also available. Awesome! The lamp I like is made of chrome and frosted glass. I'm thinking of putting this to our guest room. Definitely, my mother who's known for having great taste will like this as well.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where's Mia?

Eversince we got back from our Thanksgiving vacation few weeks ago, Noah has been asking for Mia. That's her cousin whom he met the first time in Washington. We would always tell him the same answer over and over again. Then, this morning, while he was cleaning his table (which he does before and after eating), it was my turn to bug him. Watch what his reply was.

Winter Fashion

Can't believe it's the start of another year! Gee, that means I'm getting older pretty soon. My birthday is just around the corner. That also means Valentine's near. I've been looking into women's suits which I can get as a gift for myself. There is one that looks interesting to me. I used to wear suits before when I was working as a Medical Representative. It was necessary as we needed to look more professional and respected. I miss those days when I had to prepare myself in front of the mirror for some amount of time, complete with make-up that would match my suit. I like matching my clothes with office jackets that look trendy.

These chilly days require me to wear thick winter clothes. One can still be stylish despite the bulk of clothes you have to wear. It's a challenge but sleek trench coats and fashionable boots can create a chic look to oneself.

Internet Security

Eversince I started blogging, I have been seriously looking into web hosts for my site. I just couldn't find time to look into it further because I'm pretty busy as a wife and a mother of two babies. I've been pregnant for 2 consecutive years! :) And of course, to add to that, I also work in and out of home. So, time and getting myself to sit down and research for a web host is my issue here. I found a very interesting site called webhostingrating.

Webhostingrating provides very useful web hosting articles and web hosting tutorials that you can benefit from. Reading them would make you knowledgeable of the internet and everything about it. Do you know that there have been a rise in the hacking of websites, including blogs, these days? Security is one important factor to consider in getting a web host. Among the trusted web hosts is one called InMotion. Visit to know more about it. All the research is done for you. Web hosts and other topics are categorized accordingly. If you're on a tight budget like myself, you can always click on Cheap Web Hosting.

A Prosperous New Year To All

Happy, Happy New Year to everyone! It's the start of another year. I pray for another blissful one. For the last 2 years, we have been blessed with 2 wonderful babies. Not that I want another baby this year..nah! nah! hehhe :) We have been truly blessed. More love to share, more happiness to give to all! :)


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