Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Around last month, my husband bought a new phone for me to replace my old one. Perfect timing for Sprint had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo that time. The LCD of my previous phone broke for some reason. It would still ring, but there's no way I'd possibly know who's calling for the screen was all black. Couldn't text, more so call. So, got a new white LG Rumor phone. Hubby got the black one, which was what I wanted initially. But I changed my mind and picked the white one instead. It looks more feminine and classy anyway. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Simple Joy

"Aboon..aboon"... That means balloon for my darling Noah. :) I bought him an Elmo balloon when we went grocery shopping the other day. He had been really sick lately and as a mom, I wanted to make him feel better in every way I can. Inside the car, and until we got home, he just never stopped saying "aboon..aboon" while he was holding his balloon with his little hand. He had never let it lose his sight even for a short time. He's just so happy. In fact, he goes to bed with it every night. Seeing his face lighten up every time he sees his balloon just make me feel so good inside. Ah! What a great, great feeling! It's just a simple thing, but it makes him happy. And, that's what matters. :)


Want to lose weight and have a toned body that deserves a second look? Have the curvaceous body that you've been longing for through XFLOWSION! It is the only fitness program that combines the best moves from the three popular, powerful workouts- martial arts, power yoga and dance. Oh yea, dance! Dancing is one of my passions. Celebrity trainer, Eric Paskel is the master of this workout. Jessica Biel, Shannon Elizabeth are some of the Hollywood actresses he worked on. Oh, how I envy their vavavoom bodies! Honestly, it can be boring to be doing the same stuff over and over again, and still fall short from your goal. My husband and I do love working out. We go the gym regularly especially since I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant. I am determined to get back in shape and be fit again. Learning about XFLOWSION, I don't have to drive my way to the gym after work. It can be tedious sometimes since I still have to get my kids from the daycare afterwards. With XFLOWSION, you get firm thighs, slim hips, flat stomach, amazing results 1/3 the time. Not only that, it's guaranteed that you're going to have FUN! This is unlike any other. It is the most invigorating, best workout ever. Watch out! It can be very addictive.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy and Kaiden Bonding

I love seeing how my husband and our youngest son, Kaiden bond together. It is one of those sweet, precious moments. :)

Celebrity Skin

Don't you wish you had a clear, smooth face like that of a celebrity? Your face is the first one that people notice. And if you have a zit or an acne, they would notice that, too. Sometimes, you can get so conscious about it. There is a treatment that has been around for some time in Europe called acnexus. It is a 1-Step All Natural Scrub that feels like microdermabrasion. It is made up of unique, all natural ingredients that are safe for your delicate face. What acnexus does is it reaches the root cause of acne deep down your skin without the chemicals. If you have blackheads, acnexus can reduce their appearance making them less noticeable. It is the best exfoliator around and you will see instant results. It is simple and easy to use, not tedious like other brands. Only 3 days of use, and your skin will be as soft and smooth like that of a celebrity. Try it.

Noah's Struggle

My little Noah has been experiencing asthma attacks... again for the past few days til now. Due to change in season I guess. He hasn't really been sleeping well at night due to constant barking and wheezing. He has been taking Albuterol, 4x a day and Qvar 40, once a day to control his asthma. He also has a stuffy nose, and for that the doctor prescribed him Aller-Dur which does help with the congestion. Oh, my poor baby. Hope you outgrow your asthma and not suffer anymore like this. Just heartbreaking.

Most Convenient Car Site

Here is one site that I recommend for vehicle owners out there. It is called DriverSide. DriverSide is geared towards helping car owners save time and money by providing a vast amount of information and resources needed for every aspect of car ownership. It is absolutely free. It provides convenience to any one who owns or lease a car.

First, what you have to do is register and go to My Garage to add your car. Create a profile by selecting your car's year, model, make and trim. There are questions regarding car ownership that you wish you would know right away. One example is "What is you car really worth?" The site can definitely answer that for you. Just click on What's It Worth?. Then, fill out the year, make and model of your car. Click Go! and you will see how much the estimated cost is. With DriverSide, you would be able to know exactly what to pay for repairs on your car in your town and find the best mechanic. I wish we had known this before my husband and I got screwed up by the repair shop we went to. You will also get notified before you car drops below its residual value. That is a sure way to protect your investment. If you're thinking of selling you car, you can list your car for sale in DriverSide for free! Sometimes, you may want to give your car a new look. Using the site, you can find the accessories and parts specific to your car. If you're planning to get a new car, and still haven't made up your mind as to which car you'd get, you can see reviews on 2009 cars at DriverSide. You would also get automatically notified on every recall for your vehicle. I checked my SUV and I received a recall alert. It had something to do with the front brake discs and dealers will have to replace them. I'm glad I checked their site.

DriverSide also has another cool feature which is Ask the Community. You just type in your question and members could answer for you. With that, you get to meet other car owners who may have a similar problem as yours, and be able to help you as well. Save yourself time and money. Register at DriverSide.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Angels

these are sweet moments that I treasure more than anything else...it's a joy to see them both together, happy and content...

"my love... my joy... my strength...

...I am truly blessed. "

Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom is one of the rooms I would like to design once we move to our new house next year. I want to make sure that it conforms with our taste and style. At buyvanitiesonline.com, they have a wide variety of Bathroom Vanities to choose from. They also have Discount Bathroom Vanities which is as low as 56%. Wow! That's a great deal! Among the choices they offer, what I particularly like is the 67" Oak Double Sink Vanity. I can save as much as 37% discount for this. It is a type of Double Vanity that manifests elegance. It has black, white and silver motif which makes this Bathroom Vanity look very stylish and classy. The sink is made of porcelain with a chrome faucet. Not only that, it has mirrors that match it, shelves and linen cabinet. At buyvanitiesonline.com, you are assured of high-quality vanities at the lowest prices. And take note, they do have fast, free shipping services for all vanities including linen cabinets. They also take pride of excellent customer service. Oh, I am so excited! I can't wait to live in our new house.

Here is a photo of one of the bathroom vanities they offer.

Happy Birthday Grampa!



Be Educated

Both of my pregnancies were not easy. I had ultrasounds more often than what a normal pregnancy would get. I was a high-risk due to the numerous fibroids in my uterus. It's amazing how you can see your baby, identify his parts, the beating of his heart, and even detect if you have abnormal growths inside your uterus like fibroids which unfortunately I have. I admire the skills that an ultrasound technician has. The one who did my ultrasound was an expert in her field. Aside from years of experience, she must have gone to one of the best ultrasound schools around. Career-education.net offers educational programs, both online and offline to those who wish to enhance their knowledge on a certain field. They feature outstanding schools for different fields such as medical, education, technology, design, business, culinary, and legal. If you want to be an ultrasound technician, click on the ultrasound schools under the medical tab. In fact, graduates from these schools are much sought after nowadays. With Career-education.net, you can't go wrong. If you want to get the job you want, career-education.net can definitely help you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get In Fashion

There is this reality show on TV that I often watch on weekends. The concept is on fashion. Participants are asked to design and make clothes for their models depending on the theme given. It is an interesting show to watch. I remember when I was still single and younger, I would wear whatever is trendy and would make me look chic and in style. I would accessorize my clothes with cute earrings, bracelets, etc. That time, I would have thought of enrolling in a fashion school to keep myself updated with what's new and be able to design clothes that suit my taste. Speaking of fashion, I came across this site called Fashion-schools.org. It is a very valuable resource for any one who wishes to find the best school in learning fashion design, fashion merchandising, etc. If you're interested in fashion but haven't decided which course to take, click on fashion degrees. You can also click on fashion careers if you want to know the current fashion career opportunities around. There's a lot that this site has to offer. Don't be left behind. Enroll in a fashion school now. Check Fashion-schools.org.

My Hubby's Hobby -

That surely rhymes! hehe :) On football nights, my hubby also plays Fantasy Football, an online game, while watching the sport on TV. He named his team N-KC'S NorthStars which is an acronym of our names. Our babies, Noah and Kaiden are the "coach" and the "assistant coach", respectively. :) Anyway, he won the first game against Samurai Souls and here's his "report" to the league. It was humorous :)

"NorthStar Boys Celebrate First Victory As Coaches Together"

The baby bottles and sippy cups showered the locker room with milk and juice as the Northstars celebrated their first win. Both coaches were speechless as the addressed the team post game. Of course, neither of them can talk yet anyway. The GAME COOKIE went to Rivers for his performance. Through an interpreter Head Coach Noah North told reporters."I napped through the first half of the game But watched the ending. It was awesome". He added. "I think my little brother and Assistant coach Kaiden crapped his diapers in excitement. We are very happy"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Want To Be A Chef?

Being a mother and a wife, it has been my desire to serve great-tasting food to my husband as well as to my children. In fact, I do have a shelf full of recipe books that I rely on whenever I feel like cooking something special for a certain day. Aside from that, I also search the internet for recipes that are tried and tested for its superb taste. I love food. And, I love cooking. This is one of my passions. I would want to enroll in a culinary school to hone my cooking skill, and make it my career someday. Who knows? There is a great site called Culinary Schools USA where you can find a list of culinary schools recommended if you want to pursue a career in cooking. It has a bountiful of information from culinary schools, culinary careers, culinary training, etc. If you are unsure of the school you would want to attend to, you can always click on School Review and see what the school offers. Wherever you are, whichever state you're living in, Culinary School USA has a a search tab called School By Location where you can easily locate a school in your place. So, do you want to be a chef? Check this very helpful site.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two In A Row

Woohoo! Congratulations! Wizards won with a 2-0 score against the Toronto FC tonight. Last Saturday, they also won against LA Galaxy, known to be Beckham's team, also with a 2-0 score. They had been struggling recently, and I assume they had finally found the perfect system that would work for the team. Oh, I hope they make it to the play-offs. They do have a great chance. Truly, hubby was ecstatic when he got home from the game. Two in a row! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Charice Pempengco Duets With Celine Dion

I'm so proud to be Pinoy! :) She makes Filipinos around the world proud of their heritage. Like what Debbie said, hope she remains humble despite the stardom she's experiencing right now. I wonder when she's going to make her own album. I'm excited for her. Go, go Pinoy!

Way to Bond

I have always believed that the more babies are held, the less they cry or become fussy. I have personally applied that belief with my first son. Upon noticing the positive effects myself, I held my second baby most of the time as well. Both my babies don't cry much, nor do they fuss all the time. I can say that they have great temperament and are pretty content. Baby Slings make you closer to your babies. They make happier babies for they feel warm and secure with their mother close to them. They help you bond with your baby, and makes talking to your baby easier as he is just right next to your body. Wearing your baby has positive effects on both the parent and the child. It provides convenience to the parent as she can walk around without the burden of carrying a heavy car seat. Baby Slings are proven to be advantageous to both parents and children. They make happy babies, and mothers.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guacamole Chicken with Bacon

hmmm....yum yum! My dear husband called and told me that he's going to cook dinner tonight. He mentioned he has been craving for Guacamole Chicken with Bacon. Sounds good to me!:)I've actually started making Chicken Soup for dinner. Guess I'd have to freeze it and save it for later instead. Guacamole Chicken is much much better anyway. :)

A Soccer Momma

My little Noah has been learning to play soccer at a very young age of 18 months. Well, it is expected for his Daddy is the athletic trainer for the Wizards-Major League Soccer. He has been teaching Noah how to kick the ball, and a few of soccer moves. I can call myself a crazy soccer mom for every time Noah runs and kicks the ball, I would cheer for him, hug him and kiss him endlessly! Noah has really been playing very well with soccer. I am so proud of my little boy! Having said that, here is a fun video from The Sproutwells, a fruit and veggie family who are users of the
Freshfunds.com. From what I know, Freshfunds.com. is quite similar to ebay where you can bid on cool prizes, and support a lifestyle that's healthy and beneficial for you. I encourage you to visit and join Freshfunds.com, and begin collecting points for fun prizes and donations as well.


My Jazzercise Experience

Love it! I joined the 4:30 PM class for jazzercise last Tuesday. Boy, it was fun! Music was so engaging, moves were pretty simple to follow, instructor was so nice. We did a little bit of everything from hip-hop, kick-boxing, pilates, yoga, etc. I love the hip-hop the most since I enjoy dancing. They do have child-care. I brought Noah with me. Baby Kaiden was with Daddy who cooked very yummy spaghetti that day. Needless to say, I ate a lot and gained back some of the calories I lost from the jazzercise. hehee! :) There's a class later today at the same time and of course, I'd be jazzercising again. Yoohooo! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Perfect For Your House

Middle of next year, we are planning to move to our new home which we call our "dream house". My husband and I wanted to get a bigger house since our family is growing. We wanted to have a pool for the kids to swim and play, and for my husband and I to relax, read a good book by the poolside. We are planning to get new furniture, a ceiling fan that accentuates the living room. I have been browsing the internet to find one that suits our taste. Until I came across this site called Farrey's.

Farrey's has been known for excellent service and for having unique, beautiful ceiling fans from 15 manufacturers. What I like about their site is its helpful tool called the ceiling fan search. You can search by style, brand, type, finish and price whichever fits your taste and budget.

If you're looking for a ceiling fan that's elegant-looking, with a classic twist, casablanca fans are for you. If you're practical like me and want to save as much as possible, they also have what they call the craftmade fans which are energy efficient. Other brands include ellington fans, hunter fans to name a few. There's just a lot of lovely fans to choose from. For my kids' room, I think I'm going to get the Baseball Fan. They're going to love it for sure.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Excited About Jazzercise!

For the past week, I had been calling the jazzercise center near our place. I had tried numerous times calling and leaving messages to call back. Days passed and still no one called back. I even went to the place and no one was there. Until last Thursday, one from Gardner called and left a message stating they do have a promo-50% discount on joining fee and 50% on EFT. Oh, I'm so glad I heard from them. I'd be dropping by their place tomorrow, take a look at the facility and perhaps join a trial class. Quite honestly, I'm excited!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Sick Babies

Baby Kaiden has been running a cold for 2 days now. Noah just had it today. I have been using the Little Noses Saline Mist and the nasal aspirator to help them with their breathing. My poor babies. Hope they get better soon, as in SOON! :(

New House For You

Are you planning to move to a new house, or a condo perhaps? Have you thought of moving to the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada? Oh, how I loved to go to Las Vegas! I want to be amazed by the glitter, the spectacular shows, every thing that the city boasts of! This is actually one of my dreams. My husband and I are planning to move to a new house, which we would call our dream house. Our options are open. We may find a new house and still live here in Kansas, or we may move to a different city like Seattle, or Las Vegas, Nevada. I am glad that I found this site http://www.clicksmart.com. If you are planning to live in Las Vegas and you are looking for Las Vegas Realtors, this is the site to go. Why use Clicksmart Las Vegas Realtors? One main reason is you can't go wrong. Their Realtors in Las Vegas have been successful in completing 10 transactions in the past year. They are members of the local Board of Realtors. They have been carefully screened and properly licensed to be Clicksmart Certified Las Vegas Realtors. They will help you the best way they can, thus avoiding any financial mistakes. They will assist you in choosing the house, which you can call your dream house.

Charice Pempengco on Oprah...Again!

Charice Pempengco is a certified star! This is the second time that she guested in Oprah. This time, she was the major guest. It showcased her amazing singing talent, which marveled even Celine Dion. In fact, she asked Charice to join her in one of her shows at the Madison Square Garden in New York. I watched Oprah yesterday, and again, I was awed by her pure voice! With such exposure and with David Foster, a big-time music producer, handling her career, she'll surely go places! Her dream is soon becoming a reality. Watch this.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Losing Weight

When I was pregnant,I gained almost 30 lbs. Well, that's expected for during those months, I literally devoured on ice cream, and not to mention, Oreos. hmmm yum yum! They were just so irresistible! My diet had become completely out of control. When I gave birth, I lost some weight and I'm planning to lose some more through diet and exercise. I have been going to the gym, and right now I'm wanting to join a jazzercise class, which seems exciting. There are variety of ways to lose pounds and get the weight you want. There is a diet pill, an appetite suppressant called Phentermine. It is a type of drug that suppresses hunger, and is mostly prescribed for obese patients. It is preferable that you take Phentermine before 3 PM to avoid the risk of insomnia. For side effects, this drug can cause increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, dry mouth, minor bowel problems like diarrhea and constipation, restlessness and insomnia. According to FDA, Phentermine is safe to use and is well tolerated. ConsumerPriceWatch.net enumerated 3 of the best diet pills around namely OROVO, Nuphedragen, and Noxycut. To effectively reduce weight, it is still best to accompany any diet pill with proper diet and exercise. Nothing beats eating the right kind of food, working out and sweating it out to get the curves and the body you want.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Boys' Check-Up

Last week, Noah and Kaiden had their well-child check up- 18th and 2nd mo respectively. Both of them had 2 shots each, DTap and MMR for Noah, DTap and Hib plus an oral vaccine for Kaiden. I believe that's the Rotavirus. Oh, it was heart breaking. Before leaving home, 30 minutes prior to their check-up, I gave them Tylenol, as advised by our doctor to prepare them for the shots. :( Kaiden, who was sleeping, woke up and cried from the shots but he went back to sleep soon after they were given. Noah SCREAMED when he was poked. The nurse said that the MMR vaccine stings so I guess he felt that. My husband was the one who had to hold Noah that time. He felt horrible for both of the little boys like Mommy. I think he had more of a hard time dealing with it than I did. I just told him we just had to remind ourselves that it's for their own benefit. As for their stats, Noah falls on the 25th percentile for weight, and 75th percentile for height. Kaiden, on the other hand, falls on the 75th percentile for both weight and height.

By the way, as soon as we got home, Noah was back to his old rambunctious self- jumping, galloping, laughing hard with Daddy, as if nothing happened. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stop the Annoying Calls

How irritating is it to get calls from a prank caller, or a persistent telemarketer who won't leave you alone? Very irritating I should say. I have experienced this personally when few months back, a telemarketer kept on calling me to sell children's books even if I've already said that I wasn't interested. And, sometimes you would get calls but you're quite hesitant to call back because you don't have an idea who it was. Of course, you wouldn't want to call back a telemarketer. I am glad and thankful that Reverse Phone Search was created. I should say that this is a very helpful tool to track the caller's information such as name, address which includes the city and state, phone carrier details, etc. The Reverse Phone Search is available for both landline and cell phone numbers within the United States and Canada. This is very easy to use. You just have to type the number in the box, then hit Search. The information you need are immediately displayed. Now, if you are worried about the confidentiality of the look-up, you are assured that they won't know that you've searched for their number. So, next time you get a call and want to know more about the unknown caller, go to Reverse Phone Search, and you'll get the information that you need. Use the Reverse Phone Search and stop those annoying calls.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Noah Names Parts of the Face

"Eyes...ears..." Funny how Noah names the parts of the face with Kaiden, his younger brother as his model. I just have to watch his finger though because I'm afraid he might poke Kaiden's eyes. And curious that he is, he sometimes puts his finger into baby Kaiden's mouth, trying to explore what's inside, while poor Kaiden just stares at his older brother, not knowing what's going on. :)


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