Monday, August 11, 2014

Chronic Hepatitis C and My Mom

For three months, my Mom endured the treatment for her chronic hepatitis C. She underwent chemo therapy, and it was really difficult for her that she lost 21 lbs in three months. She had been very tired, and her cognitive function seemed to have slowed down. Every week, she would have blood tests as her red blood cells would always go down. She experienced loss of appetite and depression. Last week, she got the result of her latest blood test. After many fervent prayers of family, relatives, friends, even strangers, and effective medical treatment, she has been cured of her hepatitis C! Thank you, Lord! Our greatest Healer! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back To Zero!

Being away too long, unfortunately, had caused me to forget how to blog! LOL! :) I have to learn again how to change or customize template, layout, edit html, add links, add tags, etc., mainly the technical aspects. Hopefully, I pick up things fast and soon. You Tube, Google, I guess you will be my bff's for now! :)

And if you have any great tips for me my blogger friends, please feel free to share by leaving a comment below. I feel like a newbie! LOL! I guess I am! :)

I Am Back!!!

Yes! I am! I can't believe it's been four years since I've been gone from the world of blogging! :) What a long time and what a journey for me as well! A lot has happened in the four years that I was gone. I don't even know how to begin. Well, it's been challenging, humbling, rewarding. During those years, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a Zumba instructor. I taught at two venues. One was at a health fitness club, and the other was for a non-profit organization. I loved it as I had always loved dancing! Pay was good enough for a part-time job, but more importantly, my health and body improved. After having two C-sections, I thought my belly pooch would never go away. I was wrong! It did disappear when I was teaching Zumba. My arms, waist, hips got leaner. It is effective, in other words. However, I had to make a decision at one point. Teaching Zumba was both fun and rewarding for me, but it took too much time away from my family. I have a full-time job in a hospital, a family with two small boys to love and take care of. No regrets! It was still a goal that I got to achieve even though it didn't last for a long time. Family remains a priority. My passion can wait. :)


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