Friday, July 31, 2009

Twice In A Row

Whooo! Last Wednesday, I felt like doing 2 fitness classes. The 5:30 class was Bootcamp followed by Zumba at 6:30pm. After the mega-exhausting Bootcamp, I thought I won't be able to do Zumba anymore. Most of our exercises were done with a bosu. I have seen a bosu before, we actually had one at home, but I never really used it for exercising at all. So during the class I was very cautious not to fall while standing, and jumping on it. I had to focus and keep myself balanced all throughout. The last part of our bootcamp was a relay. I was the first to do a drill and I was tasked to do the crab walk. Oh boy! That was hard! lol! I thought our team would lose because I was slow! Gladly, my teammates were fast and determined to win. hehe :) My ever favorite Zumba was next. It was a great way to end my workout for the day. :)

Here's a video of what you can do with a bosu ball, just in case you're curious. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Weekend

I guess this Friday my little Noah would have a sleepover at his friend's house. Our daycare has a 3 year old son who has been persistently asking me if I could allow Noah sleep overnight at their house. I've always told him I had to ask his Dad first. Well, this Friday, my husband needs to stay overnight at the stadium for a Night Cup thing. I figured that could be a good time for Noah to do the sleepover. The first time he did it was when my hubby was out of town for a game. I was having second thoughts that time because I knew I'd surely miss my little Noah at night. I asked my hubby for his opinion and he said that could be good for him. Somehow it would teach him some independence. So I agreed. Oh did I miss him a lot! When I picked him up the following morning, I was just so excited and happy that I hugged him tight and kissed him as if he had been away for so long. :)

Anyway, a friend of mine has been asking me if I know of a good NFL Sunday ticket price. She has been an avid fan of football. DirecTV has what they call as NFL Sunday Ticket where you can watch 8 games simultaneously with the current score, quarter and time remaining. They have the widest selection of NFL matchups ever. With it, you can have access to NFL Sunday ticket schedule. Hmmm...sounds like a great deal to me! :)

My Bootcamp Workout

Oh, it was a killer workout! I just thought this was the most exhausting cardio I've ever done! I love it though for I really like exercising to the max, and sweating it out! Aside from Zumba, this type of workout is one I also truly enjoy. My bootcamp experience involved a lot of running, jumping, core exercises, etc. Challenging but fun! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Circus

It was the first circus for the kids. Our daycare provided us with free tickets for the Carson & Barnes show. Not actually free since you're supposed to buy a ticket first to avail of the free one. It was still a good deal though. They were awed by the huge elephants which you can actually ride on, poodles doing their cute tricks, acrobats flying in air, etc. Overall, we were entertained and were happy with the show. :)

Effective Online Tutor

I remember during my school days, Algebra was one of the subjects I was eager to teach as a student teacher. For me, it was one of those subjects that I found very interesting. I loved solving for x's and y's, playing around with formulas or equations, etc. I was an Algebra tutor for my younger sibling. Algebra tutoring was one thing I enjoyed. Younger batches would ask for some Algebra help, and I was more than willing to lend a hand. I wish there was an online Algebra tutor that time. It would have been a lot easier for struggling students.

Over the internet, I found a free online algebra help available for everyone. Not only does it offer Algebra 2 help, but other major subjects as well such as English, Physics, Biology, etc. It is called TutorVista. How it works is that there is a virtual whiteboard where the tutor and the student can help each other analyze and solve problems. It is a one-on-one tutoring for more effective learning. What I also like about TutorVista is that you can also chat with your tutor with no limit. That way, learning is further enhanced. That would mean better grades for students like you. If you have an assignment that you just couldn't figure out, you can upload it to their site and they will help you solve it by showing the solution in detail. Pretty neat, huh? Try it for free. Tutors are available all day, all the time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Online Trading

It was a lazy weekend for the family. Last Saturday though, we went to a nearby park for the boys to go swimming. As expected, there were a lot of kids with their Moms and Dads. Despite that, our little boys had fun. On Sunday, we just stayed home. We were supposed to go to the zoo but decided not to. Instead, we watched our favorite shows such as CSI Miami and Deadliest Catch. And, everytime the CSI's music comes on, no matter where they are, in the kitchen or living room, the boys would dance! Who choreographed it? Daddy! It's hilarous! :) Lazy as it was, hubby found time to go online and check our stocks investment. He mentioned that it's been doing pretty good so far.

Talking about stocks, there is a great stock trading online that has been in the business since 1985. Famous publications such as Forbes, Barron's, Smart Money have considered Firstrade to be an outstanding online broker for years. In fact, they were the first one that started online trading. If you're unsure of what fund is right for you, they could help you with their great tool called Fund Screener. You're account is secured and protected for up to $150 million dollars. There surely is a lot of reasons why you should consider Firstrade. Among them as well are no minimum deposit, no fee IRA's, excellent customer service, etc.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden Equipment

I can't believe how our tomato plants can yield so much produce! If I counted them right, I think we have almost 20 tomato plants of different varieties. Crazy, huh?! :) Believe it or not, those were given to me on Mother's Day by my sweet hubby. I initially planted tomatoes from seeds. But, unfortunately, they all wilted and died. My hubby saw my disappointment so he decided to replace them. It was actually surprise. When he brought home the plants, I thought we're going to grow a tomato plantation! lol! :) He loves tomatoes and so do I. For what kinds we have, I believe we have Red Cherry, Large Red Cherry, Tomato Russet, Arkansas tomato, Tomato Sugary, etc.

Taking care of your plants would require good and reliable garden equipment. Everything has all he products you need for gardening. They do have skid steer attachments, post hole digger, zero turn mowers, etc. No doubt all their equipment are of quality standard. They are well known in their line of business as they have been serving the public for more than 60 years now. If you're unsure of what product to get, or want to know more about their equipment, you can check their amazing demo video library anytime.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Funny, Stinky Morning

Noah woke me up in bed and whispered, "I love you, Mommy". Awww...that truly melted my heart... Nothing can be sweeter than that! Then I, of course hugged him and kissed him and replied back with my face close to his, "I love you, tooooooo." He looked at me with an innocent face, moved away a little bit, and said, "Mommy, stinky." hahaha! OMG! What stinky morning breath Mommy has! Well, at least I know we're bringing up an honest child here. :)

Sweet Ripe Mangoes

The doorbell rang, and I was excited to see a box of sweet ripe mangoes by our front door. It came all the way from New Jersey, sent by my ever so thoughtful parents. :) The boys love it when I make mango shakes! Perfect for the scorching hot weather! Oooohh yummeh! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Noah Picking Berries

Berry Patch, here I come! Without a doubt, Noah enjoyed berry picking at the farm. :)

on the go for blueberries!

Noah eating some of the berries he got..sorry couldn't help it :)

Hmmm.. Mommy, I think I ate almost all of it...there's only a few left now...

Noah with Tita Ruby

counting his! great job! :)

Red Cherry Tomatoes

At last they turned red! ( or orange hehe:)). We have been picking a handful of red cherry tomatoes from our garden since two weeks ago. Both from our ground tomato plants and upside down ones. They've already been tried and tested as my hubby made some tacos yesterday with tomatoes, of course. Few days ago, I used them for spaghetti and "pork sinigang". I love eating them raw with salt. Mmmm...yummeh! :)

Cool And Comfortable

Last Saturday, we went to a berry patch with some friends and their kids. We were supposed to meet as early as 6:30 in the morning, but ended up meeting 2 hours later instead. It could get too hot in the farm when you go there later than 9:00 a.m. To get there, it takes about 25 minutes. I had not been there before. It was my first time as well as the kids so we were all excited. It was raining hard the night before that we thought the plan would be canceled. Oh, I'm glad it stopped that night. There were lightnings and loud thunder that woke me up every now and then. Noah and Kaiden seemed not to have been bothered at all. They slept peacefully and wasn't awakened by the loudness of it. Although, Kaiden still wakes up pretty much every night, but it's more because he's teething. So, I was going over their clothes for them to wear for the berry picking. I wanted something that's cool and comfortable. A white shirt and a pair khaki pants are perfect!

That day, I thought I got everything we needed. I packed some snacks, water bottles, etc. When we were there, a mom reminded me to put sunscreen on the kids. Of course, I forgot! Since we go there a bit late, it did get too hot. Needless to say, I had to cut short our berry picking. But, we enjoyed it especially Noah who was able to pick a half bucket of berries.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The NFL Season

It has been a great weekend for the family. My husband decided to let his assistant trainer go to Boston this time for the game against New England Revs. Last week, he left for Seattle Monday and arrived home Wednesday. And, our little Noah didn't like that at all. The following morning after he left, he looked through the small glass on our front door and shouted, "Daddy coming home!". He ran to the glass window in the living room and said the same words. I felt so sad for him. He was hoping he would wake up with Daddy around. I'm glad that my husband decided to spend the weekend with us instead. I could see in Noah's face and behavior that he was so happy with Daddy's decision.

During the football season, we would normally watch football while munching on our favorite popcorn. I wish one day we'd get to see the game live. That would be a lot more exciting! I guess I have to check the nfl sunday ticket price over the internet one of these days. As of now, I think I'd be satisfied watching it on DirecTV. They have what is called the NFL Sunday Ticket where you get to see more than 200 games every season. For you not to miss a game, you can check their nfl sunday ticket schedule. Since my hubby is into Fantasy Football, their Player Tracker would surely be helpful. He'd like that definitely.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unique Lamps

Eversince Kaiden turned 1, walking and becoming more independent, I can say that I now have time, or more time for myself, and our "semi-neglected" house. I don't have to carry him all the time not like when he was still younger. Him and his older brother Noah can play with each other or by themselves while I clean the house, or try on new make-ups and clothes. With the house, I feel the urge to re-decorate it somehow. I'm thinking of replacing the decorations, the lamps, the table lamps most especially. I've been eyeing this table lamp for quite a while. Very unique and classy looking.

I'm also considering getting torchieres to make the house prettier. A dramatic effect is what I want to achieve.

Oh, I'm in love with this torchiere. It's a Paloma Collection by Quoizel. It's so exquisitely crafted. Very artistically done. I just get mesmerized by its unique beauty. The challenge would be where to place it safely. Since I have two adventurous kids, looking for a place to put it would be challenging. Or, I may have to wait patiently for more years before I can finally re-decorate our house, unfortunately. Oh well...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Soldier Fighting in Pink Shorts

I just wanted to share this story I read last weekend about a soldier who fought in Afghanistan wearing his pink boxer shorts. Very admirable for his shown courage, and cute for the pink color. :)

Soldier who fought in his boxers is back home
from Kansas City Star

The soldier who was photographed fighting the Taliban in his boxer shorts said he’s glad to be back home in Texas after his yearlong deployment to Afghanistan — especially on the Fourth of July.

Spc. Zachary Boyd said he initially thought he’d get in trouble after a May 11 Associated Press photo showed him with other soldiers behind sandbags while he wore pink boxers and flip-flops, along with his helmet and bulletproof vest.

The Fort Worth soldier said he had jumped up from a nap when his unit came under fire and didn’t want to waste time putting on his uniform.

But Boyd has been praised for his courage.

And now that he’s home in Fort Worth, he said his boxers will be displayed in the 1st Infantry Division museum at Fort Riley, Kan.

Watch as Birthday Gift

About a month from now, it's going to be my dear husband's birthday. As early as now, I've been thinking of what to give him for his special day. Last Father's Day, I gave him a grill tool set and a lighthouse motion picture. Oh, he loved the gifts particularly the lighthouse. It's part of his collection aside from boat decors, globes, etc. When I presented him the gifts, they were not even wrapped. Gee! I thought I'd have time but he arrived from an out of town trip earlier that I expected. For his birthday, I will make sure it's wrapped. lol! :) It has to be extra special. As usual, I went online and I found one that I know he'd love. It's a top seller from BlueDial called Casio Paw1500GB-Men's Limited Edition. The strap is interchangeable and has a triple sensor pathfinder waveceptor. The back is stainless steel. There's a lot of wonderful features for this watch. Since I'm on a budget, this one has been discounted greatly and is in stock or available as of this time. Awesome!

BlueDial offers Citizen Watches, Diesel, Gucci, Bulova, Fossil, etc. for both men and women. If you check their site, you'd also find a number of Closeout Specials that have really good price. You can save even up to 70%! Lovely!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Cycle Workout

"100% for 60 secs...80% for 15 secs...half turn up...full turn down...7 out of 10..."

The place that I go to offers a number of different group fitness classes. Aside from Zumba, they also offer Bootcamp, Barbell Body, Bodyshaper, Yoga, Pilates, Low Impact Aerobics, Tai-chi, Strengthen and Stretch, Body Bosu, and Cycle. Yesterday, I tried Cycle. Since I was a beginner, our instructor had to adjust the height of my seat and the resistance of my bike. While we were doing the up and down routine called Position 3, where you stand up and sit down repeatedly, my left foot slipped out of the pedal! I almost fell! Oh my... I honestly thought I'd get injured. I suppose the instructor saw what transpired. She apparently had to adjust the straps on both of my pedals and made sure they're tight enough. "I don't want you to get hurt." So nice of her. That's what she said while doing my straps. After that, everything went well. Music was motivating. You get to pedal along with it. I expected my legs to be sore the following day, and they are right now. But, it's a good sore. It was an intense workout, but I did enjoy it. :)

The next class I would want to try is...Bootcamp! Looks fun and challenging to me! :)

Summer Shopping

Fridays and Saturdays are my favorite days of the week. These are the days that I can do garage sale shopping. :) On Fridays, I usually do it in the morning before I go to work. That's why I'm late most of the time. :) And of course, on Saturdays, I have to tag along my two little boys so my shopping is kind of limited. I have found some real good stuff from garage sales. From toys, books, decors, to clothes, accessories, etc. Last Saturday, I found few blouses that suit my taste and in time for this hot, humid weather.
There's also a bag that I thought was cute! i just wished it said, "I love my babies" since I have two little boys. :)

For Noah and Kaiden, I got them shoes such as these pairs. They're durable and lightweight. They're comfortable to their tiny feet as well.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Zumba Workout

After Jazzercise, I decided to try ZUMBA! I'm the type who wants to try new things for I easily get bored if I do the same exercise program over and over again. A friend recommended this and I immediately got online to look for a class nearby. Last Wednesday was my first class. And, it was fun! It's not the typical aerobic thing. You dance the Latin moves as you work out your body. We did salsa, merengue, cha-cha, samba, etc. At first, I was laughing at myself for my body was stiff as a stick. lol! I couldn't get my arms, hips and feet coordinated as well as I wanted to. But, towards the middle, and after doing the steps repeatedly, I was able to get them right. Yohoo! Since I love dancing, I'd say I truly enjoyed this workout.

Anyway, if you want to see how Zumba works, here's a video- a kinda funny one. :)

And, if you want to find or join a class near you, here's their website, too. Enjoy!


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