Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Were Robbed

Unfortunately. I was looking for Noah's box of cereal bars, and surprisingly I couldn't find it. I knew I put it in the passenger seat of my car. I also looked for my purse since I couldn't find it inside the house. Same thing. I felt something was really wrong. My husband got home that weekend and told me that the car was unlocked. When I looked in the compartment and saw that my Garmin GPS was gone, I knew right there and then that we were robbed! And, it's my fault I know. I forgot my purse inside the car, and left the car unlocked. It had my driver's license, credit cards, health and dental insurance cards of my children and myself in it. It also had the gift cards that Kaiden won last year at a Christmas raffle. Oh, it was the most awful feeling I've ever felt! I was glad that my husband was there. He hugged me tight and that helped me feel a bit better. He called the banks for me while I took care of the kids who were at the same time needing my attention that day. Oh, what a day that was! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Garden In Progress

First of all, I thank my hubby for making this possible. I wanted to have my own garden, but I didn't know how and where to start. And, I was also hesitant in the beginning for we have two crazy dogs that could ruin it after all the hard work. But, he thought of making a "cage" so they couldn't get on it. He had already done the frame. It's not complete yet, but I'm not in a hurry. While waiting, I decided to plant some veggie seeds indoors. I initially put them in tray containers. After a week, the tomato seeds and green beans have started to grow (see photos above). Yohooo! I only hope they don't stop from growing. I don't know if I would have luck with peppers though. I planted them at the same time as the tomatoes and the beans and I haven't seen any seedling sprouting yet (not losing hope here). Later that week, I planted some carrot seeds. I'm crossing my fingers on that. :)

Favorite Shows

Every time my Mom calls, she would ask if I watched American Idol. It's obviously her favorite show, and mine as well. She likes Danny Gokey a lot. I do,too, but I'm more for Adam Lambert. Oh gosh! He just has the most amazing voice I've ever heard! It's one of a kind. He has a distinctive rendition for every song he sings. He's a rock type of singer. But when he sings, emotions overpour. Last week, Paula Abdul got teary eyed when he sang "If I Can't Have You" by Donna Summer. It was very unique, and beautifully rendered.

For the past couple of weeks, CSI Miami has also become one of my favorites. Actually, my husband was the first one who got addicted to it. Even my friends at work are into it. They would talk about it first thing in the morning. One day I decided to watch it at full length when I was rocking Kaiden to sleep. From then on, I've been watching it religiously with my dear hubby. Although, I must say, not as consistently as with American Idol. I like its clever plots, the stories' twists and turns. CSI Miami and American Idol deserve DIRECTV Awards.

"Please nominate this post for the DIRECTV BoB Awards".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Swine Flus In Kansas

Oh my! As soon as I heard this, I felt scared, especially for my two little kids. Both of my boys have cold and cough right now so they're highly susceptible to any kind of illnesses. We live in Kansas and this is truly, truly alarming. It has been in the news that a swine flu has killed and hospitalized a number of people in Mexico. And, it has been spreading rather rapidly. The swine flu was confirmed on a couple here in Kansas, but theirs was "mild", not deadly like in Mexico. I started to check myself too for I wasn't feeling really well. Thankfully, I don't have the symptoms enumerated for the particular disease. The symptoms include: 100 degree fever, cough, body aches, sore throat, respiratory congestion, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. I pray that this won't spread further and turn out to be a widespread outbreak. Oh, Lord...

Elegance Defined

Not a day will pass that my little boys would not spill drinks and food on the floor and on the furniture. The wood floor in the kitchen is definitely easier to clean than our carpeted living room. Spring is here, and ants, bugs are everywhere. So, you can just imagine how happy and lucky those bugs are when they smell juice, Cheerios on the floor. My kids are on the exploring stage, and I guess they like to know how gravity works when the sippy cup or bottle is turned upside down. It drives my husband insane. Since I'm with them most of the time, I've already come to a point of not stressing much about it. Although I tell my toddler that I don't like it when he plays and throws food on the floor, and that it's supposed to be eaten and not played with. After making a mess, most of the time I'd ask him to clean it up, helping him at the same time. I don't know how many years I would need to count for them to pass that stage. As much as I would like to replace our old sofa, it might not be a good idea right now. It would just get stained, or even wrecked by the my two young, rambunctious boys. There's a living room set though that I would like to have someday. It's called Palermo by ROM.

Oh, this one is a beauty! I like everything about it. The style and color define elegance. My husband may not like the color. He may like the one below instead. It's called LUCA. Again, it's by ROM. Both of them project sophistication. They're offered by Concept Furniture and they also have closets, bedroom sets, entertainment centers that are of superb quality and unmatched style.

Friday, April 24, 2009

This is Fascinating

Roots grow up? And plants grow down? How can that be? My friend at work was having a chit chat with our boss, and she mentioned about the gift she got from her grandma. It's called a Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree. I guess it's a recent invention. I'm not quite sure. I got interested and she told us that you don't have to dig, or mess up with wires. You just need a special grow bag which is made of greenhouse grade materials. You can either use a stand or simply hang it up anywhere. It can be in your porch, deck or patio. Topsy Turvy planter can cost around $19.99 plus shipping and handling online, but she said you can buy it cheaper at ACE Hardware for $9.95. There's also a Topsy Turvy Strawberry that's available. Hmmm... Since gardening is my new thing now, I might give this a try! :)

Anyway, here's how a topsy turvy tomato tree look.

Photo by thegreenhead

Cool, huh? :)

Into Gardening Now

And I'm so excited! Before we bought the seeds, I initially did some research on which veggies are easy to grow. Beans, lettuce, radishes, pepper, cucumber were on the top 10 list. Tomatoes, they say can thrive easily, but they're kinda high maintenance as well. That I still have to find out myself. I have the big plump ones and the cherry kind. We went to Grass Pad a week ago and got also a couple of tray containers for plants that need to start growing indoors. Tomatoes and peppers are one of them. At first, I was worried they might not thrive because there's really not much sun getting through our window. My good hubby made an improvised table on the porch high enough for the dogs not to reach them. Great! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save Your Garden

Oh, you just won't believe how scared I was when a deer suddenly jumped off the road where I was cruising! A number of accidents happen because of deer crossing the road out of nowhere. Good thing, I was spared. I told my husband about it, and he said usually it's a family of deer, and not just one that crosses the road. That's when most accidents occur.

Speaking about deer, they are one of those animals that can cause damage to your plants. I never thought about until I heard of the deer repellent called Deer Off Sprayer. I thought it was only the rabbits, squirrels and other insects that normally ruin your garden. Deer can actually cause ticks and Lyme disease! I'm glad I found this awesome tool. I've started to do gardening and as a beginner, I would want my plants to survive as much as possible. It's battery operated and that provides much convenience to every gardener like me. It will certainly reduce hand fatigue. Rain or shine, this sprayer can resist weather change up to 90 days. Another great thing about it is that it can be used for organic gardening which I'm into. I have little children and as much as possible I would want them to eat vegetables and fruit that are organic for they are said to be healthier and taste better. Having discovered this, I would also need to tell my friend about it. Her newly planted flowers had just been ruined by a rabbit few days ago.

To learn about deer control, visit the Havahart website.


Air Poop!

LOL! Every time Noah says "air poop", my hubby and I just can't help but laugh. When baby Kaiden, or even Mommy and Daddy passes gas, he says "air poop" in a soft calm voice, and with a big wide smile. Who taught him these words? Of course, not me, but his crazy Daddy. He's in the stage of mimicking every word we say. Oh yeah! He's like a dictaphone, or a talking parrot. :)

Uh-oh! I think baby Kaiden just eliminated an air poop. And I can see his brother Noah smiling naughtily on the corner. :)

Protect Your Home

My former co-worker had a garage sale on a weekend. A lot of people had come by to buy used but still good items from her. After just a couple of days, her house was robbed. She was at work then when she received a phone call from her husband asking where his collection of guns was. She didn't have a clue what he was saying. She left work early and as soon as she got home, she realized that they had been robbed. They filed a police report right away. They had homeowners insurance and that helped them a little bit with the loss. At the same time, she called ADT to have a security system installed at their house.

Right now, ADT is offering a FREE ADT-Monitored Home Security System saving you an amount of $850. Millions of homes and most Fortune companies use ADT. They have been in the business for more than 130 years now making it the TOP home alarm company around. No one can top their service and technology advancements. Due to fear that it could happen to her as well, another co-worker of mine decided to have a security system installed in her house as well. I can't blame her.

Investing In Gold

Ever since I was a teen-ager, I've always loved to wear bracelets. I guess I got that fondness from my Mom who loves collecting jewelry especially ones made from gold. She's serious in investing in gold. She would always tell me that it's a good investment. I remember when I was young, I would sneak in my parents' bedroom and open her drawer to see which bracelet I could use for an occasion, or even just for every day use. Most of the time, it was without her permission. Since I was young and careless, there were times that I'd lose them because I forgot where I put them! I'd either get reprimanded, or my Mom would just sigh out of disbelief.

If you're thinking of investing, gold is a smart choice. It is considered a valuable asset. It can't be devalued by the government unlike the Dollar. The value of Dollar has been depreciating, but gold remains stable. In fact, more and more people are investing in gold because it hasn't experienced any huge drop in value. The $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle MS 65 as shown in the photo above has been considered one of the most beautifully designed coins ever minted. If you need more information about investing in gold, there's a FREE Gold Guide from Gold Made Easy that you can avail of.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pray For This Little Girl

Little children are close to my heart. When things like this happen to them, my heart just bleeds with pain. I recently joined the cause named PRAYING FOR KAMERYN HEMBREE. She's the niece of the husband of a Filipina friend whom I met online during my first few months of living here in Kansas. Kameryn, I think, is just a little older than my 2 year old son, Noah. Sunday, April 5th, she was with her grandparents on their way to church when they hit an ice and skid off the road hitting a telephone pole. They had a terrible car accident which resulted to a major head injury. The doctors had to remove a quarter size of her skull to release pressure. Right now, there have been some progress but prayers are constantly, constantly needed.

It is an open group so anyone can join and unite in prayer. Updates on her recovery are also available when you join the group. I believe in the power of prayers. And that, miracles do happen. Let's all please pray for this little girl and her family as well.

Cute Doggy!

Whenever we would go out on a long trip or vacation, we'd worry about our dogs and cat who'd be left behind. Two years ago, we put our doggies, Bridget and Sofie in a pet motel when we went on a vacation to Washington. Our cat, Abby stayed home and was taken cared of by our neighbor's kids. Last year, our friend's teenage son took care of our dear pets, fed them on schedule and put them out several times a day. We have two active dogs who need to be out to go potty, and play in our fenced backyard. They love to run around and chase each other until they wear themselves out. For this year, we haven't decided yet whether to put in a pet motel, or let our friendly neighbor watch them again for us. Our budget would most probably be the deciding factor here.

Tails R Wagging offers doggy day care sydney that is very safe and clean for your pets. They do activities that are fun, entertaining and stimulating to your beloved dogs. They pamper and take care of them like their own by the experienced and trained employees. If you've been wanting to have a pet, they have very adorable cavoodles for sale sydney, and also cute spoodles for sale. Be rest assured that whichever puppy you choose would be toilet trained, at the best of health, and very much ready for its new found home. I love the Moodle which is a mix of Maltese and Poodle like the photo shown above. Just super cute!

Little Girl Found In Suitcase

How can a Sunday school teacher and a mother herself do this to a child?

Sunday school teacher arrested for killing girl, eight, found stuffed in suitcase may also be charged with rape
Photo and story by Mail Foreign Service

A woman Sunday school teacher arrested for the kidnap and murder of an eight-year-old girl may also be charged with the child's rape, it emerged today. Melissa Huckaby, 28, was detained on Friday after the body of Sandra Cantu was found stuffed in a suitcase at the bottom of a pond. The little girl had lived just five doors away from Huckaby and was a playmate of the woman's five-year-old daughter Madison. Police have not disclosed how Sandra was killed and gave no details of the evidence that led prosecutors to consider sexual assault allegations. But San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Robert Himmelblau said a murder charge could include the special circumstances of rape, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and murder in the course of a kidnapping.

Click here for more of the story.

The Tan Colored Luggage

Normally, we would spend our Thanksgiving vacation at my in-laws' place in Orcas Island, Washington. This year, we're planning to visit my husband's good friend who lives in Arizona before heading straight to the northwest. It's been so many years since hubby has seen him. I haven't met him personally yet. Although, I've talked to his wife who's a native of New Zealand through email before. They're good people and I'm looking forward to meeting them. This time, we're going to drive, and not fly like we normally do. It's surely going to be a long, long road trip. But, I'm excited about it. I guess, it's going to be less stressful with the little kids with us. When they fuss, we can just make a stop over, rest, enjoy the view from where we are. Hmmm... sounds fun to me. I hope it would be the same thing for the kids.

With the trip, we would need a big, reliable luggage. Well, with two kids, we would definitely need more than one. Village Luggage and Gifts is a luggage store that offers designer luggage at the most affordable price. In fact, they have items on sale right now. It's what they call a Spring Sale and prices can go as low as 50% off, and even more. There's FREE shipping and monogramming for most items. The photo above is a Dorado Columbian Leather collection. I like the unique tan color, but most especially its known durability. Not only does Village Luggage sell designer luggage, they also have a wide selection of desk accessories, corporate gifts, and other leather goods to choose from.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dancing After Breakfast

We had ham, egg and fried rice for breakfast. For a balanced meal, we also had strawberries and banana. Noah asked for a Strawberry shake so I made him one and Kaiden, too. After eating, we would normally go downstairs to play and watch their favorite shows and videos like the Little Leaps. Baby Kaiden would dance as soon as he hears music. His brother Noah would join the fun. I just enjoy watching them play and do fun stuff together. So cute! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheaper Than Mylicon

I had always wanted to ask our doctor about a generic Simethicone. But, I'd always forget. Gee! :) Simethicone is the main ingredient of Mylicon, an anti-gas medicine. You see, Mylicon is pretty expensive. The smallest bottle (1/2 fl oz=15 ml) can cost $6 plus. And that only lasts for a few days. Kaiden often wakes up at night either due to teething or painful gas. He's going to need more than a bottle. Yesterday, I asked my hubby to watch the kids while I go to Target to buy Kaiden's formula. Guess what I found? A Target brand Simethicone that only costs $3.64, AND bigger (twice the size)! Mylicon costs around $10 plus for the exact same size (1 fl oz=30 ml). What a big difference in price, I must say. It has the same active ingredient (Simethicone), no artificial colors, no artificial flavor, no saccharin, no alcohol. Well, that surely makes Mommy happy, and baby, too! :)

Never Lose Hope

As soon as I opened my account, I got an email from my cousin who's about to finish school this year. Oh, I'm so proud of her. Her mother died when she was only a year old. My family decided to adopt her including her other siblings. I never had a sister so I treated her like one. Several months ago, she lost her father from a chronic lung infection. It was a tough time for her. I felt her frustration when she mentioned that she's been having a difficult time finding jobs even with a degree near at hand. Never lose hope. That's what I advised her. Keep sending resumes online. She needs a better web hosting service though for she's been complaining about slow and losing connection most of the time. I found a very helpful site called Web Hosting Choice. According to reviews, was voted as the best host among the other hosting services available. Not only because of its unbelievable low price, but also because of its fast and dependable service. For only $3.95/ month, you get lifetime FREE domain, FREE instant set-up, UNLIMITED gigabytes of space, transfer, unlimited email accounts, and a lot more.

Easy Chinese Stir-Fry

Well, this time it wasn't great as I was expecting it to be. I've been posting recipes that I tried myself, and tasted spectacular as well. (that's according to my family's palate:)). I tried this recipe from Kraftfoods because it was easy to follow like what the name suggests, and because it got a 5 star rating from most people who tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't do it for me. Flavor was just strange. I guess it's because I used a different brand of balsamic vinaigrette. Would that really make a big difference? Oh well.. to each his own. :)

Photo courtesy of Kraftfoods

World Class Displays

It's a gorgeous day! After I picked up the boys, we went to the mall to check out the items that were on sale. Majority of the items were discounted for as much as 75%. Most of the time, it could take long before I finally buy something. I compare the prices, think hard and see if it's really needed, and if it's worth the price. Today, we didn't get to stay long in the mall for the boys were tired and getting cranky. Oh, well...

Aside from a huge sign saying "sale", another thing that makes me want to check out a store is their attractive or striking display. Gilbert Displays is well-known for its superior quality designs and craftsmanship. If you want to showcase a product and demonstrate its features, you can set up a trade show exhibit with the expertise of Gilbert Displays. They do trade show exhibits that would surely capture your attention. I was browsing their site, and I must say that I was awed by their unique and spectacular designs. Truly world class!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Expert

Couple of months ago, my husband asked me to put some money back on the stock market. I remember asking him repeatedly if it's the right time. You know, we lost some money in the market because of the recession. And, I was afraid that we'd lose more money and go downhill! My husband was confident that it was going to be better. It went down deep and it can only go up, and won't go any further down. Relying on my husband's knowledge and expertise, I went ahead and invested our money. Weeks passed by. My husband was right! We're pleased that we were slowly gaining back what we lost. I was totally impressed with my husband's expertise of the market. I'm glad we made that quite risky, but smart move.

Firstrade is the leader in the field of Online Trading. It is a discount Online Broker that has proven itself in Stock Trading for more than two decades now. It offers free account transfer up to $100. You can receive a $25 rebate on bank fees when you wire transfer your funds. When you refer a friend, you get yourself $50, and your friend will earn 5 free trades. Whatever your investment needs are, Firstrade can surely provide what you need. To find what is perfect for you, they have what they call a Fund Screener that narrows down your search from over 10,000 types of mutual funds to the one that suits your criteria.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Two Babies and The Can

lol! Oh, yeah! When the potty chair is in the other room or is not readily accessible, we use the can for him to pee on. They say kids love the sound it makes so that makes potty training easier. Others suggest to put Cheerios as targets. In the video though, the can Noah wanted to pee on was baby Kaiden's new can of milk. Of course, he couldn't use that. hehe! :) Anyway, I love watching them interact with each other. It's so sweet and funny. :)

Comfortable Pants

If you're looking for comfortable and durable pants to wear, I suggest you try these great pants from LA Police Gear. My brothers love wearing them. They're not cops, neither do they work in the military. Tactical Pants do really look good in men. My husband has this kind of pants and honestly, I like it on him. It looks neat especially if it's well-pressed. Right now, they have an ongoing sale for 5.11 Tactical Covert Khaki Pants. From $74.98, it's discounted to only $29.99. Along with the huge saving, you will get a FREE leather belt which has a value of $34.99! Great deal, huh?

LA Police Gear caters to every one, not only to the police or the military. If you're hesitant about purchasing online, be assured that they have a highly secured website. Get your tactical pants, jackets and other gear now at LA Police Gear. Prices are surely affordable. Shipping is unbelievably fast. Customer service is at its best.

First Win!

Yohoo! Oh, I'm so happy that they won! Despite the frigid weather condition, Wizards defeated San Jose with a 2-0 score. After scoring his first goal for the season, Claudio Lopez, an international star player for the Wizards, ran towards my dear hubby and gave him a warm, sincere hug. He knew that my husband had been grieving over the loss of his stepbrother to an accident last week. It was a wonderful moment in which a class athlete showed the character of true friendship and compassion. It meant a great deal to my husband.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun At the Beach

Want to know what I miss about the Philippines? Aside from the native food, it's the beaches. Beaches are just everywhere. Every year when March comes, our family including relatives and close friends would all gather up and plan a summer outing. We would either carpool, or each group would bring his own transportation and then meet up in our favorite resort. Food was abundant and never a problem. Oh, it was fun! At the end of the day, we would whine because our backs hurt due to sunburn and because our skin has gotten a lot darker. lol!

If you're wanting a fantastic vacation, Myrtle Beach Resort can surely help you. Grande Shores, Seaside, Prince Resort, Avista Resort are some of their wonderful properties. The spectacular ocean views are what attract me to these resorts. Currently, Myrtle Beach Hotels have special offers which include Grand Shores Hotel Package, Seaside Package, Prince Resort Package to name a few. For Prince Resort, there's Honeymoon Package, Romance Package- ideal for couples, Spa Escape Package, etc. They have various wonderful area attractions from parks, museums to spectacular shows. Booking with Myrtle Beach Resorts is fast and easy. What great choices to relax!

Three Years Married

Two pregnancies, two births in three years, add the adjustments we have to make as a couple from different cultures, and as new parents to two baby boys... Yes, we endured! :) Nothing really special to do today. The church wedding anniversary is when we normally celebrate. My hubby, even though it's a Sunday, has work. They have a game against San Jose this afternoon. I'm really wishing they win today for they had lost 2 consecutive games for the past weeks. Certainly not good. My hubby works very hard and I can see his frustration when the team loses. As a wife, I feel bad as well. I'm glad it's going to be on Metrosports TV so the boys and I can watch it and cheer for our super Daddy.

Whatever happens though, win or lose, you'll always be a winner and a champion in our hearts! Happy Anniversary, hunny! :)

Majestic Sights

I remember when I was little, I would always tell my friends that I wanted to go to Alaska so I could experience snow. It was funny thinking about it now. I learned and realized that snow does not only happen in Alaska, but in most parts of the United States, and other parts of the globe. From where I live, there is snow most of the time, let alone tornadoes. My Mom is actually pretty scared of me living here because of the tornadoes. Well, so far, it hasn't happened here in our place yet. And, I pray for that never to happen ever. Still, the thought of going to Alaska interests me. It has never left my mind especially knowing that they have majestic places to see and experience.

When the time comes that we would go on a Alaska Travel, we would definitely check on the famous Denali Park. I'm excited to see the wildlife-grizzly bears, caribou, mouse, mountain goat, and do some whitewater rafting. That sounds fun! Likewise, I wouldn't want to miss the awesome phenomena called the Northern Lights. Travel Alaska is one spectacular tour. Going on a cruise to see the incredible marine life, the breathtaking scenery, and the beautiful glaciers, I'm certain that this would be one unforgettable experience of my life. Amazing!

My Kind Of Moisturizer

Boy, good thing I remembered to get my purchase, and the bonus gift at Macy's the other day. Few weeks ago, I ran out of facial moisturizer so I decided to go to Macy's to buy a Clinique Moisturizing Lotion. I actually ended up buying the Clinique Moisturizing Gel for I had read great reviews about it. Oh, it's the best! No grease and my face feels velvety smooth soon after applying it. It's a bit expensive but it's worth it since it could last a long time like a year. Anyways. the lady asked me if I would want to avail of their free gift which they would start giving out on March 30th. She termed it as Pre-sale. It was only early March when I went there. I agreed. Days passed by and it was already April 3rd! Gee! As soon as I got off from work, I hurriedly went to the store, showed my receipt and got my purchase and the free gifts. The bonus gift pack consisted of the following:
  • New Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Lipstick
  • Lash Doubling Mascara in Black
  • Blushwear Cream Stick-Rosy Blush
  • Companion Bag
  • Cosmetics Bag
I tried the Blushwear Rosy Blush and I like it. It looks good and blends well with my Filipina skin tone.

Special Offers by Farrey's

Noah loves hanging out in his room. From the bed sheets to the pillow itself, his bed is adorned with Thomas the Train. His Dad made sure his room is decorated with his favorite character and several sports accessories. He loves his soft, fuzzy pillow and the sheets' bright colorful designs. What we're missing though is a lamp that would suit the motif of his room.

Lamps and lamp shades by Farrey's have been known for their unique and stylish designs. They have table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps and torchieres from various well-known manufacturers. If you're wondering what torchieres look like, here is a photo.

It's called 1 Light Jessica McClintock Aged Mirror Table Torchiere Portable Light. It's made with Tuscan gold with mirror accents. With the mirror effect, I can just imagine how beautiful it would look on the table. If you're looking for lamps or lighting for any part of your house, Farrey's is the place to go. They currently have special offers that you can be interested in. What's more, they can even match the lowest price available in the market.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crystal Shoes

Today marks our 3rd civil wedding anniversary. Soon after that, we got married in the church where most of our loved ones were present. This is one of the most treasured days of my life. My mother and my aunt were there to make sure that I looked good on my wedding day. They helped me with my wedding dress and in putting on my accessories as well as my shoes. Aside from a loving and supportive husband, my wedding wouldn't be complete without my family. For me, their love and support helped me get through this special day.

The bridal shoes that I wore that day suited perfectly with my dress. I had to wear high-heeled shoes though for my husband is tall. They were not too high for me to lose balance, but just right for my comfort and height. They looked pretty and completed the look for my wedding day. The bridal shoes from Zappos boast of unique elegance and beauty in style. The photo above is called Touch Ups Brooke. What I like about these shoes are the gorgeous crystals and jewel embellishments that sparkle on your feet. Lovely!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken With 20 CLoves of Garlic!

Ooops! I hope you don't get intimidated by all the garlic cloves. It's not overpowering as it looks. Not at all! This is another tried and tested recipe that my hubby and I really love! Very easy and very flavorful! Mmmm! mmmmm! Oh, I'm just in the food mood these days!:)


4 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1 lb.)
20 cloves garlic, peeled
3/4 cup fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth ( I used chicken bouillon with 1 cup of water instead.)
1/4 cup KRAFT Light Classic Caesar Dressing ( I didn't have one on stock. I used Thousand Island dressing, and still turned out great!)
1/4 cup KRAFT Grated Parmesan Cheese

HEAT large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat. Add chicken and garlic; cook 4 min., turning chicken after 2 min.

STIR in broth and dressing; cover skillet with lid. Cook chicken 3 to 5 min. on each side or until done (165ºF).

SPRINKLE with Parmesan; cover. Remove from heat. Let stand 1 min.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Kraftfoods.

Swing Set For the Boys

I love the glider that we got. Fortunately, we were able to get it at a very, very reasonable price. The rocking motion helps Kaiden calm down every time he gets fussy. If Noah wants to read his favorite books, I sit down and read with him on this rocking chair. It's a good purchase I should say. Since Spring is here, I also decided to get Noah a basketball. They enjoy the outdoors so much. When the weather seems to be nice and cooperative, we either go to the park, or play at our yard with his basketball and bike. Kaiden appears to be content and happy in his little swing while he watches his brother throw the ball.

My husband wanted to get a slide or a play center for our little boys. I saw one that I like and it's called Blue Ridge Chateau Swing Set It has a beautiful wooden roof with two swings, a slide, sandbox, trapeze bar, picnic bench, etc. Oh, I'm sure the boys will love this especially Noah. Every time we go outside, I make sure they're in their play clothes. With Noah constantly running around, he surely needs to be wearing something light and comfortable.


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