Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Savings For Auto Insurance

My aunt who lives in California was supposed to come over here with my parents in January to see the kids. Unfortunately, she needed to pass this time due to some financial difficulties. In fact, she had to sell her house and move to a new one with a lower rate. So sad this has to happen. With the crisis we are experiencing right now, we want to save as much as we can. As much as possible, we want to avail of discounts, promos, special offers from different stores, restaurants, or companies. I mentioned to her the cheap California auto insurance from AutoInsuranceQuotes.com. Car insurance in California is popular for having exorbitant rates. In fact, it is among the highest compared to all the states. Very expensive! With AutoInsuranceQuotes, you can save a big deal for insurance rates like as much as 20%. All you have to do is enter your zip code, answer some questions and low, cheap rates will be shown to you. Not complicated for anyone to do. The site also features valuable savings tips that everyone can benefit from. First tip is to do your research by getting quotes from different insurance companies. For this, I suggest utilizing the AutoInsuranceQuotes.com. Just a few clicks and you'll find the answer you're looking for.

Dental Work For Me

Day before Christmas, I had my root canal. I was so scared initially because it has a bad reputation of being excruciatingly painful. Boy, I was wrong! I even suggested to my hubby that I'd rather have it pulled thinking it would be less painful. Good thing, I opted for the root canal. It was totally painless! Well, thanks to anesthesia and a competent dentist. I was completely numb. hehe :) We wanted to use up our dental insurance to its last cent as much as possible for the year. So, last Monday, I had my fillings done as well. Same thing. It was a good experience. Thank God! :)

Blurry Vision

As I get older, my vision seems to get blurry. I'm currently wearing a pair of eyeglasses. I don't wear it at all times, but only when I drive and do shopping. I'm nearsighted. Driving without glasses is uncomfortable for me. It is difficult for me to see street signs, numbers, even the traffic sign at afar. It's impossible for me to drive especially if I need to find a store or house without my glasses on. I can't read the numbers and I almost get into accidents. At night time, when it's obviously dark, I can get lost. And I can't risk that having children with me inside the car. This season, Zenni Optical offers Holiday frames which can go as low as $8.00. Yes, you read that right. They are classy, stylish, comfortable frames at affordable prices. This frame only costs $15.95. Colors range from translucent to dark green frame front. The temples have cute snowmen and evergreens that parade from front to back. I like it. I'm thinking of getting this one. Its low price doesn't mean quality is sacrificed. They are, in fact, high quality glasses that have complete UV protection, anti-scratch coating, full guarantee, etc. Its affordability is due to the reason that there are sold directly from their factories, with no middlemen involved. Look no farther. Get your glasses at Zenni Optical now.

Go, go Kaiden!

Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, Kaiden has been learning to sit up on his own and also starting to crawl. When Noah is just near him, lying down on the floor, he would try to get to him as fast as he can. Everytime he stumbles, we would give him lots of encouragement to go on. Go, go baby! You can do it! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fruits And Veggies

Living healthy is always associated with eating fruits and vegetables. It is a wise thing to do so. As much as possible, we want Noah to get used to eating fruits and vegetables. So far, banana has been his favorite fruit. He calls it "nana" in his own words. Also among his favorites are apple, grapes, cantaloupe, melon, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries which he calls "choris". For vegetables, he likes steamed asparagus, broccoli topped with cheese, soft green beans, mashed potatoes, carrots from the pot roast, etc. At lunch time at work, I'd always have salad before the main meal. Salads such as the Fresh Express Tendergreens truly make my day. Very fresh and delicious! How can you resist a very delectable looking salad?

Let us choose to live healthy by making phytonutrients a major part of our every meal. With kids like me, it is important that we teach them how to eat right at a very young age. Our baby Kaiden loves mashed carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and green beans. Phytonutrients have health enhancing effects on our bodies. They boost our immune system, promote brighter, healthier eyes, and are great sources of antioxidants-important for cancer prevention. For mothers out there, starting our children with fruits and vegetables is part of being a great parent.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just Wanna Say...

It's a day truly special for my kids especially Noah.
By the way, last Monday, baby Kaiden won a little christmas tree and an envelope full of gift cards worth $180. There was a raffle in the hospital I work for, and gladly his name was drawn. Talking about a Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaiden at 5 and 6 Months

My baby Kaiden surely has gotten bigger, and heavier! I feel sometimes that my arms are going to fall off. hehe :) At 6 months, he has learned how to sit-up with a little support every now and then from Mommy. He has been scooching, and has also been lifting his butt while on his tummy, wanting desperately to learn how to crawl. I guess he wants to play with his 22 month old brother Noah soon, who has been running around like any active toddler. To our surprise, Kaiden has been uttering the words "da-da", "dade" with emphasis on the "d" a lot of times lately. Oh yeah, he babbles a lot.

Kaiden now at 6 months

Kaiden at 5 months

A Valuable Credit Tool

Who would want to pay a high interest credit card when you can find a zero interest credit card? Every now and then, we would receive mailings from banks convincing us to try their low or no interest credit card, or a balance transfer with no fee. My husband does keep an eye on them, and is wise about it. He compares credit cards carefully. What he would do is transfer all of our balance, or depending how much is allowed, from our high interest card to the 0% interest credit card with a long introductory period. If there is a remaining balance, we pay it in full. That way, we get to save a good amount money from the exorbitant rate.

Comparecards.com does help with one's decision making when it comes to getting a credit card. Don't know what credit card is right for you? Check their site. Credit cards are compared by category such as Low Interest Credit Cards, Balance Transfer Cards, Instant Approval Cards, etc. If you are concerned by the credit quality, they also give you that information from Excellent to Bad or No Credit. All of the information you need are in comparecards.com. They do all the research for you. In my opinion, it is a valuable tool that you might want to bookmark or add to your favorites. Just like we did.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mmmm Uhg!

No, Noah wasn't speaking German or any foreign language. In his dictionary, the words mean "Mmmm..hug!". This is probably one of my favorite videos. Just so sweet! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Practical

A lot of times, I spend hours going around the mall searching for the perfect gift for my friends and loved ones. I want to give them something special, but I end up giving up looking. It gives me major headache most of the time. In our office, our manager would give us gift cards for well-known stores, restaurants, etc. I just think giving gift cards is the safest and most practical route to take.

If you're unsure of what to give you're loved one or friend, or co worker, it is probably best to give them a gift card for Christmas. It saves you time, effort and money as well, especially if the gift you gave them wasn't actually what they like. Online I found a site that offers gift cards for a variety of popular stores and restaurants like Applebee's, Chili's, Marshalls, Best Buy, etc. It's called GiftCardMall.com. What's awesome about this site is also the fact that you can design your own gift card. Cool! If you need help deciding, you can browse and select from their Top Seller list. Don't sweat this Christmas. Avail of their FREE shipping. Give a gift card.

Our Island Vacation

From Anacortes, we took the ferry ride going to the Orcas Island where my husband was raised and spent his youngster years. Him and his friends call themselves as the Island Boys. It is said to be the largest among the San Juan Islands. The islands are located between the coast of Washington State and Vancouver, Canada. Oh gee, you wouldn't want to know what the weather was like. It was chilly!

This is the harbor showing my father-in-law's boat which he built himself. This is also the view from their bedroom where we slept. Spectacular view! We could actually see ducks, seagulls, seals, otters climbing on top of the rocks while we are lying on bed.

Orcas Island
taken from my in-laws bedroom

They weren't there when we arrived. That time, they had an appointment with the chiropractor. Noah was in heaven as he was welcomed by trays of cookies of different shapes, sizes and flavors. My wonderful stepmom-in-law cooks and bakes so well that seems like we gain weight every time we visit them. Well, it's a vacation, and we love her food! :) I love the Strawberry Bavarian that she made! Can't remember how many heaps of ice cream I ate because it was so yum! yum! :) They were delighted to see the kids even with Noah being all over the place, messing around. Noah addresses them as Nampa ( grandpa) and Namma ( grandma). When one of them loses his sight, he'd always say, " Nampa (or Namma), where are you?", with a cute up and down tone. :)

Noah and Kaiden with their "Nampa" and "Namma"

A Lovely Gift

I remember when I was a kid, my uncle, who used to work abroad, would never fail to send me a watch on my birthday, or Christmas day. I was always eager to receive a gift from him. Whenever the packages arrived, I was the first in line. Oh, those watches made me popular in school as I would wear different cute watches every day. Needless to say, he was my favorite uncle among all my relatives. :)

Watches are great gifts for the holiday. A holiday gift guide could include beautiful authentic brand name designer watches from TheWatchery.com. Getting it on time is never a problem. They offer fast and free shipping for orders worth $100 or more. They also take pride in their excellent customer service. What makes it even more exciting is that they have this ongoing promo called the Watchery Giveaway where you can actually pick a FREE watch from select purchases. I like the style and how elegant Movado Radius look. It stands out because of its unique style as well. It is a yellow gold watch set with diamonds. You can save as much as 65% for this one plus you're entitled for a FREE watch. Amazing deal! TheWatchery.com is undoubtedly the place to go not only this holiday but throughout the year as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting With Relatives

That Sunday, we also met with his lovely stepsister, Tammy. We stayed there overnight. She prepared a great dinner for us- beef, chicken and shrimp kebabs was my favorite. Being so nice that she is, she gave Noah and Kaiden gifts that they truly enjoyed especially Noah. Noah met his beautiful cousins, Mia, who's almost the same age that he is, and Taylor who's 7 years old. Oh, they had a blast! One time I was looking for him and later found out he was inside the pantry closet with Mia. They were giggling when I opened the door.

Noah and Mia hiding

Baby Kaiden and Taylor

Christmas Offer From Nikon

Hunters out there, there is a holiday promotion from Nikon that you surely don't want to miss! It is the Christmas season and Nikon wants to make the day very special and memorable for you. It is a promotion from Nikon Sport Optics, Nikon ProGear.com and NikonHunting.com with a great presentation from Lee & Tiffany Lakosky. All you have to do is purchase any qualifying and eligible binocular from authorized Nikon dealers until December 31, 2008, and you will receive a Nikon Promotional Gift Card absolutely FREE. Gift cards are valued at $25 and $50. Qualifying binoculars would include the Nikon Monarch ATB Series, Nikon Trailblazer ATB Series, Nikon ProStaff and Nikon Action Extreme. Aside from that, they have the Ultimate Hunter's Package that would help improve your long-range shooting skills. Hurry! Go and visit your nearest Nikon dealer and avail of their special Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back From Vacation!

I'm back! :) At last, I get to update my blog again. Not that I was slacking (a lil bit, I guess :)), but we just got home from a vacation to Washington State. My husband's originally from there and it has been a tradition to spend a vacation with his folks and friends on "Thanksgiving week". Honestly, it's stressful to fly with the little ones. Even with new toys to keep them entertained, they still got fussy at times. We were on the verge of losing our sanity, but gladly, we were able to keep it. hehe :) On our way home, they both slept almost throughout the 3 hour flight. Thankfully! We stayed at a friend's place, called The Highlands, in Seattle until Sunday. Oh, they have a gargantuous house! A mansion! Our house is not even half of its size. hehe :) We were greeted by Bennie and Obie, which are their dogs by the way, - huge, adorable dogs! Bennie is a Goldendoodle, a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix, and Obie is a Bouvier. (sounds Frenchy, huh?:)) The family was on vacation as well to California.
The Mansion (part of the mansion, I should say :))

We had lunch at Denny's with my hubby's sweet, thoughtful Mom. Afterwards, we went straight to her apartment with gifts waiting for Noah and Kaiden. Noah loves the plane that Mom gave him.
Mom Margie kissing Noah

with Kaiden

When we were there, Noah had an accident. He pooped big time and for some reason, he got a rash on his inner thigh. My husband decided to wash him in the sink. hehe :) Noah loved the bubble bath in his improvised mini tub. :)

More stories and, of course, photos to come about our Washington vacation. I'd do it on "installment basis" (sounds like I'm paying a loan here hehe :)) since it's surely going to be too long if I'd do it one time. Thanks a lot for those who checked my blog from time to time. Such kind gesture shall be reciprocated. Be ready for me then, fabulous bloggers! :)


Last Monday, when we dropped off Noah and Kaiden at the daycare, I noticed a beautiful bouquet of roses on top of the television of our daycare provider. I asked her about it, and she said it was from her husband who surprised her with flowers early morning. How sweet! But then, she retracted it immediately. She said it was just her wishing that, but it was actually her mother's roses given by a friend. She said it in a funny way that I laughed with her. hehe :) I love how bright red the roses were. Stunning! We have roses in our front yard and they bloom beautifully in spring time. Last Spring, I took pictures of them with our son, Noah. Oh, it was one of my favorite photos! My husband would sometimes surprise me with flowers on certain occasions. Christmas flowers are just so lovely to look at. If you order it at 1-800-flowers.com, you can get in on the same day. You can even save up to 30% on some of their very attractive bouquets. Great deal! I personally like their Martha Stewart Latin Lady Roses. The bouquet just looks so elegant for me! It makes a wonderful centerpiece. Flowers make great gifts for your loved ones, or even for your manager or co-workers. You can surely make them smile and feel special. Get them now and make someone happy. I'm saying that from personal experience.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my pretty friend Elsa and her handsome son, Connor! My family had a great time yesterday. Thank you for the warm hospitality and the super yummmmmy food! (Salamat sa pauwi ha! hehe :))

It was indeed a wonderful time as I also had a chance to meet other Pinays like me. Very kind! I met some of them at a party last year and this was only the second time I've seen them again. We're planning to meet again since one of them lives just a few blocks away from us. I'm truly excited! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Saving Adventure- Trip to Price Chopper

I went to Price Chopper today and got the following items.

Bounty 8-roll paper towel- sale for 5.99 + coupon
Libby's Sweet Corn (3)- sale for 49c each + coupon
WMS Cajun Taco Seasoning
Jet Puff Marschmallows- sale for 99c
Stove Top Stuffing (4)- sale for 79c each + coupon
Kraft Singles (2)- 2 for 4 + coupon
Pillsbury Pie Crust (2)- sale for 2 for 5 + coupon
Cool Whipped Topping- sale for 78c- my coupon was worth $1.00 so I actually had a 22c credit for this :)
Celery- sale for 49c
Sweet Potato- sale for 49c
Tomato Roma

I got most of them on sale plus the $6.00 worth of coupons I had with me for added savings. For 22 items, I only paid $26.76, tax included. I saved a grand total of $16.82. I could have stocked up on whipped topping since we use this often for our pancakes, but I only had 1 coupon. Before the sale ends, I would have to print or clip more coupons for this, and don't even have to pay a single cent. :)

Every trip to the store, I learn new things on how to save more. Previously, I have learned to plan my grocery shopping by listing the things we use on sale, and preparing the coupons that go with them. In other words, using coupons for items that are already on sale. To save more, I have learned to combine store coupons and manufacturer coupons for stores like Walgreens. With this trip, I realized I should have brought more coupons for the same item if I plan to stock up on it, like the whipped topping. Well, I'm enjoying this adventure. There's still a lot of things to learn along the way. Anyway, happy saving to everyone! :)

To view deals or items on sale for Price Chopper, you can either check their circular usually inserted in newspaper, or you can go to their site mypricechopper.com.

To get coupons, go to couponmom.com.

Charming Blog Award

I got this charming award from sweet friend, coolingstar9. Thank you very much! You are just so kind and thoughtful!

I am passing this award to all my charming blogger friends out there. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For Real- My Saving Adventure

I was able to get 2 Colgate toothpastes for only 85 cents. Can you believe that? I have been reading the couponmom.com and have been studying the system for a couple of weeks now. I tell you, it's for real. I tried it last Friday when I shopped at CVS and Walgreens. I checked their circulars or ads for their weekly deals, and also checked the SMARTSOURCE, REDPLUM, and P&G for coupons. At CVS, they had a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for COLGATE TOOTHPASTE. I also happened to have a coupon for Colgate for $1.50 off. I got to know about the coupon when I logged on to couponmom.com and joined the forum. There is a topic there mainly for grocery coupons. I printed the coupon out of the Colgate website. Another way to know if there is a coupon for an item you want is to check the Grocery Coupon Database of the site. Items with coupons will be enumerated for you. Very convenient! Anyway, here's how the transaction went.

1 COLGATE Total Whitening - $2.19
1 COLGATE Total Whitening - FREE

1 COUPON $1.50 -

KS 7.525%TAX .16

TOTAL $0 .85

At Walgreens, there was a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE promo for Nestle Coffeemate Creamer, Glade Spray and Carnation Milk were on sale for 99 cents. I got 2 of each. Total purchase for the 6 items without the coupons amounted to $12.05. I had Walgreens coupons worth $5.11, and manufacturer coupons for $2.00. All in all, I only paid $4.94, tax included. I saved $7.11 from the coupons I had. Gee! Wish I had known this system before. The couponmom system is so interesting. I am still learning though. For sure, I will keep you updated about my saving adventure. Just keep on visiting friends. Yohooo!

Boost Your Career

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Off To Seattle

Next week, we're bound to Seattle for a week vacation with my husband's parents, relatives and friends. It has been a tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They're so excited to see the boys, Noah and Kaiden. My husband and I are excited to see them as well. We haven't packed yet, but we're starting pretty soon, little by little.

Consolidating Your Debts

If you're struggling with your finances and have a difficult time paying off all your bills, you may want to consider Debt Consolidation. It would be wise to consider consolidating your debts especially if your bills are piling up and you're stuck to paying high-interest rates on a number of loans and credit cards. Decreasing interest rates and paying off your delinquent bills with a loan or low interest rate card will stop creditors from persistently asking you for your payment, and also wipe out high erratic interest rates. Doing so doesn't mean your debt will be reduced, but it will save you money in the long run. You may want to consider these 3 things for bill consolidation. First is by the use of credit card. One has to remember to pay off your balances soon as possible especially if the credit card you're using has low introductory rate. Generally, introductory rates are only for a limited time. After that period, the interest goes very high. Pay it before it ends to avoid being stuck with a high paying bill. Second is debt consolidation loans. The loan will help you get a stable or fixed interest rate. Like any other loan, you have to pay it on time and in full. Third is the home refinance loan. If you own your house and are struggling with payments, you can do refinancing on your mortgage. You need to be sure though that you're faithful in all your payments. Debt consolidation is a solution to help you with your financial troubles. Start by getting a free debt consolidation quote from bills.com now.

Charice on GMA

It surely was a great way to start my Tuesday morning. I saw our very own Charice Pempengco sing on Good Morning America with the famous David Foster as her pianist. Well, we all know how influential and powerful David Foster is. He's the one behind the stardom of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc. Truly, Charice is in great hands. Go, girl! You make us proud!

Fun Days

I remember when I was little, every Sunday afternoon, my Dad and his friends would gather in front of the television to watch horse racing live on action. They would make small bets and fortunately, my Dad would win most of the time. It was a fun and loud afternoon. Each one had his own favorites. They would all cheer for their bets until the leading horse reaches the finish line. Those were one of those crazy afternoons I certainly would never forget.

The horse racing in London which is held at the magnificent Kempton Park offers wonderful packages for everyone. That includes discounts for groups, free entrance for kids, free racecards for booking in advance, and special prices for concessions. They also have Hospitality options that you can choose from. If you want to have spectacular views over the course, you can pick the Panoramic Bar & Restaurant. They have a number of Private Boxes with balconies for each one where you can view the finish line. Oh, that would be awesome!

Watch the horse racing at Kempton Park. Check out their race calendar and book in advance. I might want to tell my Dad about this. That would definitely excite him!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Get Lean and Healthy

Being an athletic trainer requires one to be physically fit as much as possible. My husband drinks protein shakes as he works out regularly and is always on the go. Obviously, he is a workaholic. He would surely need some extra fuel to complete the day's tasks. EnergyFirst ProEnergy whey protein isolate is the Best protein shake available in the market. It has the purest, highest quality whey protein around as it undergoes the cleanest, and most highly advanced processing technique. It means no chemical, or no heat involved. It boasts of as being the richest source of 8 amino acids valuable for ultimate growth, health and energy. Unlike other protein shakes, EnergyFirst has a great taste that makes it wonderful to drink.

Joe Dillon, a popular health and fitness guru, provides tried and tested information with his 6 compact discs on EnergyFirst. Listen to his cd's and be highly motivated to get lean and feel vibrant.

Boost your mental and physical performance with EnergyFirst ProEnergy Whey Protein Isolate. Guaranteed to make a difference in your life.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dine Out

We went to Olive Garden this evening for dinner. Oh, boy! There's a lot of diners when we got there mostly families like us. Good thing we only had to wait for a few minutes to get seats. The food was fine. My husband had lasagna while I had the beef and pasta. I found the texture a little bit weird but it was alright overall. Noah loved the garlic bread and so do I. It was a great evening for everyone.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Generous Giving

Last Christmas, we took a picture of Noah in snowsuit in our front yard seating on a mound of snow. It had the sign North Pole with an arrow pointing to our house behind him. We made lots of copies of it and sent them as Christmas Cards to our friends and relatives. I remember he was only 10 months old then. It was very cute! My husband made funny faces to make him smile while I continuously clicked the camera to get the best possible shot. We picked the perfect one and we were pleased with the feedback we got. We were happy with how it came out. I love the Photo Christmas cards from ChristmasCardsDirect. It's so easy to follow the instructions. Choose your favorite digital photo. Browse photo cards from their wide selection. Personally, I like the Blue Jewel 4x6 Photo Christmas Card. Love the design! Pick a frame that suits your taste. Upload the photo you have chosen to ChristmasCardsDirect. It will then be printed in the card design you wanted. You don't have to attach the photo. Fast and easy, huh? Another option would be to choose a pretty photo holder card and putting your own printed photo on the face of the card. There are many beautiful, decorative designs to choose from. Christmas is a holiday of joy and giving. ChristmasCardsDirect.com partnered with Operation Christmas Tree to send cards and Christmas trees to our beloved troops abroad. Such is a genuine act of love and generosity. It will surely bring smiles to their faces despite being away from their loved ones on holiday season.

Chilly Weather

Sure it's getting chilly these days! I can't go out anymore without wearing a jacket, or without wearing long johns underneath my scrubs when going to work. I have to bundle up my 2 little boys as well. Aside from wearing a sweater or a jacket, I also cover their heads with cute baby winter hats. It's predicted to snow a little this weekend. I'm excited to show Noah the snow. I want to see how his reaction would be. I'm quite certain he'd love it! As the song goes...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eat Healthy

Mmmm yum yum! Noah eats vegetables depending on his mood and how they are cooked. I guess that is typical for any toddler like my son. My husband steams broccoli and puts cheese on it. Oh, Noah loves broccoli when prepared that way even if it is topped with spicy melted pepper jack cheese. He eats green beans especially when it is cooked with bacon. Asparagus is also one of his favorites especially if it is steamed and buttered. Whenever I prepare pot roast for dinner, I'd give him some baby carrots and he would munch on them like finger foods. He also loves fruits. Banana, cantaloupe, apple, grapes are among his favorites. Eating healthy is one habit that we would want him to develop like The Sproutwells. The Sproutwells are the fruit and veggie family that takes living healthy seriously. Participate in freshfunds and collect points to win some cool prizes. Prizes include Nintendo Wii Fit, ski weekend for two, elliptical machine which I have been desiring to have, and a lot more. Follow it closely as there are new prizes every week like the new Apple MacBOOK. That sounds like the gadget of a techie-holic like me. Points that you accumulate can also go to charity donations. Join freshfunds.com now.


Wagon For Noah

We have been thinking of giving our dear Noah a wagon as Christmas gift for him. My hubby has a wagon at our backyard which he uses for carrying tools and other stuff. Noah found it and from then on, he wanted to be strolled around with him riding on it. He's enjoying it! So, definitely that's on our Christmas list.

Christmas Is Near!

42 days more before Christmas! Before you know it, Christmas is already here. Wow! Surely time flies so fast. I'm excited about Christmas. In fact, this is my favorite occasion of the year. Back home, on the 24th of December, all my relatives would gather for a family reunion at my late grandfather's house. The place would be filled with great food, loud music, enjoyable games, kids dancing and singing, etc. It was fun! It is a tradition that we get together at the eve of Christmas day, and open the gifts as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Now that I am married and living here in the US with 2 little children, I am thinking of simple yet memorable Christmas Ideas that the family will enjoy. Last year, we celebrated the occasion with our good friend, Joan, who Noah calls Nana. We met some of her relatives who were so nice and warm. On Christmas day, we let our son Noah open his gift by himself with a little help from Daddy. He was only 10 months old then. As expected, he was more excited with the box than the gift itself. This year, to make it fun, I'm planning to make little trees for our babies, Noah and Kaiden. I am also thinking of making a snow globe with Noah helping me. Surely, he would love that! For wonderful ideas, be sure to visit celebrations.com. Make your Christmas be memorable.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Saving Adventure

I've never been this excited collecting and printing coupons from the internet. For the past few days, I have been "thoroughly" reading the couponmom website and I'm pretty much sold by her ideas on how to save extra bucks from coupons. It's very interesting. I downloaded 3 of her free ebooks and have been studying them like a diligent student. How I learned about her was through watching Oprah. She's popularly called the couponmom. I was amazed how she was able to save a big amount of money through coupons and by being a strategic shopper. In her website, couponmom.com, I find the Grocery Coupon Database to be very helpful in finding the coupons I want let's say "toothpaste". I also use the Grocery Deals List to find what's on sale on my favorite stores e.g. Walmart, and also to see if a certain item I like or need like "toothpaste" is on sale or not. If there's a coupon for that, then that would give me a much better deal! Coupon on top a sale! If you have store coupon and a manufaturer coupon, wow! that would awesome! I might end up paying a lot less, or even nothing! hehe :) I have just started collecting my coupons. I haven't really gone to the stores yet and see how much I'd save. I'll try to keep everyone updated about my "saving adventure". Keep on reading! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Noah At The Yard

Oh, what a gorgeous day!

Noah loves the sun obviously. He loves playing at our backyard. He'd just run around, kicking and chasing the soccer ball, and sometimes play with the water hose. It's fun seeing him enjoying the weather.

Great Body

After having two pregnancies, my tummy has developed a pooch and still hasn't gotten rid of it. I gained weight when I was pregnant and quite honestly, it's difficult to get rid of it. It's hard even if I've been doing crunches or sit-ups regularly. It does require time, determination and much effort. Slowly but surely, my flabby belly is getting smaller. Although, there is a quick way to eliminate that pooch after pregnancy. It's called tummy tuck. A former employee in the office had a tummy tuck a year ago. She surely looks great after the operation. She has become so confident about her body. For my case, the mini tummy tuck is recommended. The excess skin and fat are removed and the abdominal walls are tightened. Most celebrities undergo such procedure. That's one of the reasons why they have gorgeous bodies! Because of that, they have confidence to show their curvaceous bodies to the whole world. They look great in 2-piece swimsuits or tight-fitting clothes. Oh, I envy them! If you're wanting to have a tummy tuck, find and consult with a surgeon. Onlinesurgery.com can help you find the right surgeon for you. On the upper left corner of the website, you see a drop down to select specialty. Enter your zip code and you will be shown the results immediately. Have the dream body that you want. Show off your asset.

Wheezy Kaiden

Noah had a pink eye the past few days, but is well now, thankfully. He has been doing well with his asthma despite the chilly weather. I'm glad! Kaiden, however, had the worst cough last Monday night that we had to nebulize him twice as advised by the doctor. He was wheezing real bad. we took him to the clinic the following day and had an x-ray done on him. No signs of pneumonia. Thank God. The doctor had to prescribe Prelone on him though to help with his breathing. Still congested and coughing, but not as bad.

Keeping Fit

We take care of ourselves by working out regularly. Health is of utmost importance to our family. My husband drops by the gym to run and lift before he goes home. On days I'm not working, like Tuesdays and Thursdays, I wait for him so he can take care of Noah while I take Kaiden to Jazzercise with me in the afternoon. On Saturdays, my husband takes care of both kids. Other than those days, I run using the treadmill or use the bike we have at home. We have home treadmills at the basement. We also have weights, and other exercise equipment. We may be busy with work, kids, but no matter what, we make it a point to work-out and keep ourselves fit. As they always say, health is wealth.

Spam and Pancakes

"Pakiks..pakiks" That means pancakes in Noah's dictionary. This morning Noah and I had spam, egg, rice and pancakes for breakfast. Oh, boy! He loves pancakes so much that he devours on it everyday. Sometimes, I would put some strawberries on the side for a more nutritious meal. He likes them and he calls them "arees". Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he'd say to his Daddy "coco...coco" meaning chocolate milk. It has been part of my husband's morning routine to prepare his coco before he goes to work. Sweet! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boosting Your Revenue

Looking for a Jazzercise class was not an easy experience for me. I went online and looked for a class near home, and a time convenient for me. However, trying to get hold of the contact person or instructor was a different story. I had to leave numerous messages but unfortunately, did not receive any call back. I even went to the place, but then no one was there. Finally, I gave up on that location, which would have been a better choice because it's nearest to me. I tried the second location, and I was glad someone called me back. I thought Jazzercise had already closed business. I wish they have an Online Scheduling Software to eliminate hassles on the customers part, and the company itself. It would be easier and faster for both parties. With the software, customers register and pay for the classes online, can purchase and make appointments at the same time, without causing stress on the staff especially on busy times. Additionally, it boosts revenue for the business itself. Aside from that, there is a Dance Studio Software and a Fitness Club Software that help manage business efficiently. For dance, it allows students to schedule their classes online quickly and easily. If class is full, it can add it up to the waitlist. The software shows much promise. I wish every salon, spa, yoga, health club, etc. would take advantage of its benefits. MINDBODY Universal Management Software is surely the way to go.

Maybe Not

My husband left for Columbus, Ohio since yesterday for the play-offs. This is their second play-off game against Columbus Crew. Last weekend was a home game for the Wizards. It was a tie or a draw. I hope they win the game tomorrow so they could move forward for the championship game. If they don't win, then that means Daddy would get to spend more time with us. Yipee! Now, that makes me want them not to reach the championship. hehe! :)

Looking For A Job?

Due to the economic crisis, a number of people have lost their jobs. Most employers had to lay off people to prevent further loss leading to bankruptcy. In our office, we had to cut down expenses and that included manpower. We had to let go of one of our receptionists. My mother used to work 5 times a week on her job. Just recently, her manager decided to cut down the number of days she works to 4 times. Well, it's the hard times. You might be one of those who lost work and currently looking for MN jobs. Are you looking for a job as a nurse, a medical technologist, or as a lab technician? If you are in the medical field like I do, and wish to a pursue a career in the same field, you can find medical jobs in Minneapolis by going to startribune.com/jobs, and doing the Minneapolis job search. You can search for it either by doing the keyword search, or search by category. Startribune gives you a comprehensive list of job openings for any field. There's a cool feature that you may want to check out in their site. It's called the Jobs Video which is on the right side of their site. You can view employer profiles or all jobs video postings. The site gives you helpful advice on how to get hired to career management. I can say that this site offers more than you can expect from a jobs site. Post your resume now. Sign-up is absolutely free and easy.

For Me and My Hubby

This Christmas we won't be spending lavishly on gifts for ourselves. My hubby just wants his ring engraved with our children's names. As for me, I just want my engagement ring and wedding ring be soldered together. They're kinda loose and it becomes a hassle sometimes especially when I do household chores, or when I do baby stuff like giving my babies a bath, etc. That won't cost much. That way, we'll have enough to spend for our kids' gifts.

Elegant Jewelry

The day that I got married was the happiest moment of my life. I married the man I deeply and sincerely love. He's the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with through good and rough times, sickness and in health. I never imagined I could ever find a man as loving, caring and wonderful as he is. I am truly blessed. The first time he visited me in the Philippines, he gave me this simple yet lovely engagement ring. When we finally tied the knots in the church, he gave me a very beautiful diamond wedding ring. The titanium rings from titaniumstyle.com are made of outstanding quality material. They do have titanium wedding bands that are very stylish and classy. If you're looking for a titanium necklace to give your loved one, they also have a variety of lovely styles to choose from. Their elegant designs cannot be compared with any other stores. Diamonds are genuine and of high quality. Their workmanship is like no other. Customer service is at its best. Aside from that, they have unlimited warranty, free sizing set with ring orders, free lifetime refinishing policy. You don't have to worry about shipping costs as they offer low rates and speedy service. Now, I am thinking of getting a titanium bracelet for my dear mother. She'd love that for sure.

My Coupon Organizer

I finally got my coupon organizer. Actually, I got it sooner that I expected. I purchased it from Amazon.com. It didn't cost that much. I've already cut out some coupons and I just need to place them in it by category. I'm excited! Gotta save! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Choosing a Website Host

How do you choose a good website hosting service or company? Which is most important to you in deciding which web host to choose among the numerous hosting companies out there? There is a a very informative article entitled Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company that can serve as your guide. One need to consider security, technical support, bandwidth or if the hosting company has sufficient resources to hold your site, etc. If you want to be assured that you're getting the best windows web hosting, go to windowshostingreport.com. Top on their list is Powweb. It has the most affordable price, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and number of domains. Check the site now and pick the web host you most preferred.

Giggly Brothers

mmm..smellin' his brother's armpit...stinky! hehe :)
clapping together
mmmm yum yum hair :)

Giggles,giggles! Oh, I love the sound of my babies' giggles! So precious! Noah got tickled when Kaiden was trying to have a taste of his hair. hehe :) Kaiden was just looking at him while he was laughing hard.


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