Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golf Vacation

Whew! I can't believe that Christmas is just 10 days away. And, I 'm not yet done with my Christmas shopping yet! lol! :) Well, I got a couple of gifts for my little boys, and that's it. What's worse, I have yet to send Christmas cards to our family and friends. We have been pretty much busy lately, and we just got back from a vacation on top of that.

I got back to work and I met this friend of mine who told me about her experience about the Myrtle Beach Golf vacations. I never learned how to play golf. I tried several times but I just couldn't hit the ball right on. I felt it just wasn't the sport for me. Anyway, she mentioned it was a fun and wonderful time with the whole family especially if you avail of the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages that you could find online. If you're into golf and would like to experience a great vacation as well, Myrtle Beach Golf or Golf Myrtle Beach is definitely for you.

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